Although it’s not completely unexpected, Steam will be selling pre-paid game cards at Gamestop startin May 15. The leaked image reveals that there will be a $20 and $50 dollar card available when they go on sale. Steam being a popular platform for PC gaming, it’s not unprecedented that the company decided to finally sell game cards. Much like Xbox Live and PlayStation Store, it seems like Steam wants to […]

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While I normally don’t post about sales on Xbox Live since most of them require a gold membership, this week, along with the Deal of the Week of Crimson Alliance (gold only sale), a bunch of digital content from Square Enix is on sale for all members.

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What is currently known as Microsoft Points is rumored to be going extinct by the end of 2012, says a source close with knowledge of Microsoft‘s decision. This change will affect developers across Xbox LIVE, Zune’s Marketplace, and the Windows Phone marketplace. The change is said to be more in line with other application stores’ purchasing practices, like the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace. Rumor has it that content will […]

Genre: 2D Platformer | Developer: Blit / Christian Whitehead | Publisher: SEGA Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Steam/iOS/Android/Windows Phone 7 Players: 1 | Rating: E (Everyone) SEGA is no stranger to porting its substantial collection of classic 90′s titles to modern hardware, especially when it comes to the Sonic franchise. These conversions have been solid but often bare-boned, with the games simply being emulated, upscaled, and dumped into a lazy-looking interface. Some […]

The highly regarded Dungeon Defenders is on sale via Xbox LIVE for 33% off all this week! Instead of 1200 MSP ($15), you’ll be paying 800 MSP ($10) for this awesome hybrd tower defense/action RPG. If you’re not convinced, why not read our review by site owner Michael O’Connor? A game definitely worth your time.

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After being placed on the Cyber Monday deals about two weeks ago, Beyond Good & Evil HD has once again been put on sale on Xbox Live for 400 MSP as part of a general Ubisoft promotion which is this week’s Live Gold Deal of the Week. To put it bluntly, I do not recommend buying this. I bought this one on Cyber Monday for the even lower price of […]

In a new video, Mass Effect 3 producer Casey D. Hudson explains the aspects of the upcoming game’s multiplayer and how it’s going to work on Xbox LIVE. No mention on whether this will be exclusive to the console or will be available on PS3 and PC at the moment, but it doesn’t seem far fetched to say that it will be available across all three platforms.

Over on eBay, there’s a great deal on the 12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Messenger Starter Pack, which includes a black Xbox LIVE headset, a chatpad for your controller, 12 months of Xbox LIVE Gold Membership and a bonus 400 Microsoft Points for a discounted $42.99 (down from $74.99). You can find the hot item right here. Thanks a bunch to my bro Eric who sent along this deal.

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There are a ton of great games on Xbox Live, but it seems Steam is a much better platform for indie game developers to earn a decent amount of cash. Robert Boyd‘s Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World was recently released on Steam, and made more money during a week on Steam than the 18 months the games spent on Xbox Live.

What a loaded day it’s been. We’ve had a lot of great announcements from Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and EA today, and tomorrow we’ll be expecting to hear some news from Nintendo and more. Keep reading to see our complete wrap-up of all the notable events from Day 1 of E3 2011, including trailers, teasers, and more.