Yes, you read right; some DLC has miraculously appeared for Mossmouth‘s excellent Spelunky on XBLA with no warning or build up. Two new DLC packs a re available for 160 of your Microsoft Points. First up is the Explorers DLC pack which simply gives you eight new explorers to send to their doom in the adventure or deathmatch modes.  The new faces include the Golden Monk, the Robot, the Viking, the Round Girl, […]

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Another day, another Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance video.  Or, in the case of today, another three Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance videos. To underscore the recent release of the demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network, Konami have released three gameplay videos for the highly anticipated Platinum Games hack and slasher. Each of the three ‘overview’ trailers showcases a different facet of the game, showing off the different attacks Raiden […]

Just a few hours ago, Microsoft decided to stick an in-progress demo of forthcoming shooter Crimson Dragon onto the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace. Just as quickly, the company whipped the demo off the marketplace for unspecified reasons. In case you’re wondering; Crimson Dragon (previously known as Project Draco) is a rail shooter for Xbox Live Arcade that is viewed as the spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon games as it […]

Right, now this is a cracker of a deal. For today only, Microsoft has confirmed that the entirety of Telltale Games excellent The Walking Dead, may be had for the princely sum of just 800 Microsoft Points from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Specifically, the first episode remains free, while each of the four episodes that come after it cost just 200 Microsoft Points a piece. It should really go without saying that […]

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Indie gamers and developers rejoice! Microsoft has finally decided to add an indie games section to the Games Marketplace tab instead of burying the indie section in some dusty corner of the console. So far this latest upgrade to the Marketplace layout is only available in the US and Microsoft has not added any further information or release dates for other countries at this time.

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After PSN getting hacked, hacked some more, hacked again, and then hacked even more until all you’re left with is a pile of dust, the time has finally come for Xbox Live to suffer a bit. Yes, thousands of gamers will be unable to give Microsoft money today, as the Xbox Live Marketplace is “unstable”. I has a sadface…

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[UPDATE]: Now officially announced by Double Fine. More details after the cut. Double Fine‘s latest foray into the world of downloadable games Stacking was well received by both Herman here at The Gaming Vault and the overall gaming public at large. And much like Costume Quest before it, Stacking is getting some extra love with the addition of DLC, under the title “The Lost Hobo King“. How was it leaked, […]

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Ubisoft’s released a trailer of the HD remake of last-generation cult classic Beyond Good and Evil, which is finally getting a high definition remastering as a digital download for the HD consoles. The HD remake appears to be a blow-for-blow remake of the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox original, and launches for Xbox Live Arcade next week. A PSN release will follow later this year. The game sees Jade (pictured above) running, jumping, stealthing, […]

Time to outfit your Xbox Live Avatars once again, because now we have Rock Band 3 Avatar items available! Check out the list of ‘em, pricing and videos showing off these bad boys.

SEGA and Platinum Games present Vanquish, the ultimate in blue blooded American wish fullfilment fantasy, in which an all American main character gets to shoot up Russian robots and soldiers alike on a space station.

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