Sony’s Twisted Metal is set to drop on February 14th and what better way to celebrate non-stop car-based carnage on Valentine’s Day than with … a coupon for flowers. That’s right, pre-order the game from GameStop and get a coupon for $10 off an order from 1-800 Flowers. Show the one you love that you still care about them even when you’re spending Valentine’s Day smashing cars into oblivion. Another tie-in […]

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Sony, what are you doing? First you said only one account per PlayStation Vita, then you said you could swap out the memory cards to rectify this, and now you’re going BACK to the “one account per console” story? Come. On. Will you a) make up your minds, and b) make it convenient for future buyers?

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Yep. Exactly what the title says. This past weekend in France, two men crashed their car into a truck carrying 6000 copies of the unreleased game. The men, armed with knives, sprayed the drivers with tear gas and then stole the van and its contents. And then later in the weekend the exact same thing happened again, this time with someone using their car to blockade a road before stealing […]

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I cannot even believe this. CANNOT BELIEVE. WOULD YOU JUST LEAVE SONY ALONE? Another Sony site has been hacked—this time it was Sony Ericsson Canada’s online store. A bunch of personal information was taken (names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses), but fortunately no credit card information was taken. In other news, Sony’s E3 press conference is said to take up to five hours—two hours of actual substance and three […]

Seriously, Square Enix? SERIOUSLY? Square, never one to let a game not be sequelised to all hell is currently working on Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy (clunkiest title EVER), the sequel to last year’s Dissidia. New characters confirmed for the sequel are Kain from Final Fantasy IV, Tifa from FFVII, Lightning from XIII and now Vaan from Final Fantasy XII. This was confirmed by

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