I’ve been waiting all month for this freebie! It’s not often I’m legit excited about anything PlayStation Plus throws at us these days, but I am excited to get Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for the PS Vita for free this week! The Strategy RPG series has made waves on the PS2 and PS3 for years and the Vita version of the PS3 classic is a game that every SRPG […]

Looks like PS Plus members are getting two freebies this week. Nice treat considering today is my motherflippin birthday! Boo yeah! Would’ve been happier with Disgaea, but maybe next week… Anyways, freebies this week are The Cave on PS3 and Tekken 6 for PSP. The Cave is the newest game from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions which sees seven adventures explore something. Might be a mine or a or […]

Apologies for the late and brief update this week, but I’m balls deep in boxes from moving and I just barely squeaked out the time to scribble this little post while stealing my neighbor’s internet. This week’s PS Plus freebie is Joe Danger 2: The Movie for the PS3. To go along with that freebie, you can get yourself a discount on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Ultimate Edition, […]

It’s a new month and Sony is changing up how they are going to handle their PS Plus announcements. Like Europe does, they’re going to announce all the big freebies set to hit this month. Unlike Europe, they aren’t actually telling us when they’re hitting, just that they are arriving sometime this month. This week’s freebie arrival, however, is known to be Spec Ops: The Line for the PS3. Later […]

Vita sales are still poor, the amount of games being produced for it is tanking, but at least one indie game is actually doing better on the Vita than on Steam and Xbox Live. Retro City Rampage has apparently been most successful on the Vita according to developer Brian Provinciano. It’s not only sold more copies on PSN, but because of PS+ making the game free for a month, there’s way more […]

Sony has a big event coming Wednesday, so with that in mind, I think they’re trying to impress us in preparation of the impending alleged PS4 reveal. Well bad news, Sony, you’ve screwed up enough this gen for me that even a fantastic week of PS Plus isn’t enough to change my mind on the PS3 era. Bring back PS2 compatibility and we’ll talk… That said, this week of PS […]

Closure for the PS3 is a f—ed up game. That’s the best way I can put it and I mean that in the best way possible. Happily, that same screwed up awesomeness is joining the ranks of the Instant Game Collection for PS Plus Members today. Joining that screwed up game of awesomeness are a few games on sale, including another truly screwed up game by the name of Critter Crunch […]

It was talked about all day yesterday after Sony accidentally posted the info early, but today it’s been made official! Zen Studios today officially announced today that Star Wars is coming to Zen Pinball platforms with three tables later this month themed around Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Boba Fett. On top of that, we can expect more tables to follow […]

Listen, I’m going to try to stay positive for this one, ok? I’m going to TRY. Can’t promise anything, but I’ll do my best. See, Europeans are getting a really special game for their PlayStation Plus freebie this week. They’re getting Sleeping Dogs. Our North American freebie game is not Sleeping Dogs. Instead we get Guardians of Middle Earth, a multiplayer online battle arena game. A game that I’m sure is […]

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XSEED Games, who recently announced it will be bringing Pandora’s Tower to the US since Nintendo didn’t bother with it, issued a press release today talking about all the massive games it has in the pipeline for 2013, and if you’re an RPG fan, you better be excited! Like nipples straight out levels of excited. Right off the bat is KILLER IS DEAD, the new game from SUDA51 and Grasshopper […]