The undoubted highlight out of all of the trailers that were shown at the 2012 Spike Video Games Awards, was this mysterious little number. Titled ‘The Phantom Pain‘, the game is made by just-popped-up Moby Dick Studios and appears to show the main character with a hook arm, struggling to move his atrophied body out of medical facility which is under attack by various suited heavies. With lots of crawling around, a […]

You know a patch is serious business when the developer puts out a nearly five minute long trailer to show what tweaks they’ve made. Such is the case with Street Fighter x Tekken, as developers Capcom have put out a trailer showing off some of the key improvements that they’ve made in the version 2013 update to the game. The update is considerable; showcasing everything from minor cosmetic changes through to […]

Now here’s a worthy cause to get behind; if you buy Disney Fairies: Lost and Found for 69p from the Apple App Store for iOS, Disney will donate £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (only until 25th Dec). We’ve got more details on this after the break.  Check it out.

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Its been a while since we last saw anything on MercurySteam‘s sequel to Castevania: Lords of Shadow, and while this newest trailer continues to show that the developer are holding their cards close to their chest, it nevertheless shows off a badass chunk of story in lieu of any actual gameplay. Oh, and is that Robert Carlyle as Dracula/Gabriel Belmont? Why yes, I think it is.  Have a glance at the […]

In its various media expose’s so far, we’ve seen Lara in all sorts of downright nasty and perilous situations. This latest trailer, courtesy of the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards, is more less an extension of what we’ve seen already but shows Lara in even more dangerous scrapes and also showcases the combat a little more; in particular the ranged combat and some truly savage stealth kills. There’s some story bits in there as well for those […]

At the 2012 Spike Video Games Awards, Sony‘s great white first party hope for next year, the Naughty Dog developed The Last of Us, got a brand new trailer. Boasting a much more varied selection of locales than we’ve seen from the game previously as well as a whole host of additional support characters that were unknown up until now, the trailer certainly does an admirable job of building up what is shaping to […]

“Don’t let him Jew-wash your brain new kid.” Yep, it can only be those lovable bunch of juvenile psychopaths from South Park in their action RPG mashup, South Park: The Stick of Truth. Due to release at some point next year, this newest trailer goes about the business of showing us elements of the story, the battle sequences (complete with napalm spraying fart abilities) and Kenny dressed as a princess. Basically, its filled […]

One of the very few good things to come out of the 2012 Spike Video Games Awards was this newest trailer for next year’s Bioshock Infinite. Its quite possibly the most action packed look we’ve taken at the game yet, showing off a whole range of powers, weapons, the battle support that Elizabeth provides and the sort of explosions and gunfire that would make Michael Bay have an accident in […]

At the 2012 Spike Video Games Awards last night it was confirmed by publisher Namco Bandai that the soul-crushingly difficult Dark Souls would be the recipient of a sequel, which would release on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC sometime next year. Developers From Software are once more at the helm with the series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki in charge of overseeing production.  Working alongside Miyazaki-san, will be  Tomohiro Shibuya, notable for his work on the Monster Hunter series. Little else […]

Since its announcement, the MercurySteam developed Castlevania Mirror of Fate hasn’t had a whole lot of exposure. Well hopefully this newest trailer, showcasing the story of the game, will mark the opening of the media floodgates so to speak as the Castlevania franchise makes its debut on Nintendo‘s 3D handheld early next year. Again, this is certainly one to keep an eye on if the developer’s home console effort, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, […]