If you backed the new Android-console Ouya on Kickstarter, your fancy console will be shipping March 28th. Additionally they’ve announced that Kellee Santiago, one of the cofounders of thatgamecompany, has joined their team as some sort of developer outreach person. They’re calling her Ouya’s Developer’s Best Friend. If you didn’t back the project and still want one they’re going to become available for retail in June.

DICE has announced their nominations for the 2013 awards in 26 categories ranging from Game of the Year to Outstanding Achievement in Gameplay Engineering. ThatGameCompany’s stellar contribution to the gaming world, Journey, is up for 11 nominations, while TellTale’s Walking Dead is nominated for eight and Borderlands 2 netted five. The awards are on February 7th and will be streamed live on Machinima. In the meantime, check out the complete […]

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Thatgamecompany‘s Journey is set to release next week on the 13th (14th in Europe), but if you have a PS Plus account you can download it now, along with a dynamic theme featuring concept art for the game. Not a Plus member? Don’t worry, you can still get the dynamic theme by pre-ordering it this week. Buy it in the PS Store today, download the theme and next week when […]

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In the latest tweet on thatgamecompany‘s official Twitter, they have revealed that Journey will release on the Sony Entertainment Network on March 13th, 2012 at the price point of $14.99. Also confirmed is the European release date of March 14th. Prepare your wallets, as Journey is set to kick off Sony’s Spring Fever promotion.

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Journey is a game about emotional transformation and travel, a brand new take on games that could only come from the creative minds at ThatGameCompany, the same people that brought you Flower and Flow. In a game that boasts no dialogue and limited interaction in a multiplayer setting, the only audible component that will drive the game is its musical score. The composer, Austin Wintory who also composed the score […]

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Thatgamecompany, the innovators of experimental games like FlOw and Flower, have set a release for their upcoming  adventure game Journey: Spring 2012. For those of you not in the know, Journey is a passive online adventure game where you traverse the world and sometimes run into other players. There’s no in game chat, no way to hook up with your friends, no way to even tell who you’re interacting with. […]

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Sony executives and a handful of developers came together for a group panel at Gamescom to discuss what the next 10 years holds for games, consoles and technology. Included was Kellee Santiago of Thatgamecompany, Mark Cerny who’s worked for Sony, and Gareth Edmondson of Ubisoft’s Reflection Studios to discuss design and gameplay as well as technical specs for the console’s future.

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thatgamecompany‘s Journey has finally gone into beta, and there has been some delicious footage posted on the internet, complete with on-screen prompts to use the Sixaxis, motion controls and all.

thatgamecompany confirmed recently that their upcoming game, Journey, can be completed in two to three hours. They said that if players rushed, they could finish in about two hours, but if they took their time and explored, three hours seemed more the mark. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily factor in co-op gameplay, but that’s likely to be short as well. Not really surprised, considering how short Flower was. Journey is […]

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You may remember thatgamecompany as the makers of flOw and Flower, two incredibly excellent titles with immersive and artistic experiences. Now, they’re bringing you what looks to be another beautifully crafted game — Journey.

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