The end of the Xbox 360 Games on Demand sale is upon us and things are ending not with a bang, not with a whisper, but with a roundhouse kick to the temple. That’s right, fighting games are the star of the day with eight games getting their discount on with everything over 50% off. Whether you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, or even King of Fighters, […]

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Genre: Fighter | Developer: Dimps/Capcom | Publisher: Capcom/Nintendo (Europe) Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1-2 | Rating: T (Teen) | Release: TBC March When I was out at the Nintendo 3DS European Press Launch over in Amsterdam, the first title I rushed to see was Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. Cordoned off into it’s own large area known as the “Ono Dojo” – named after Series Producer Yoshinori Ono […]

The guys over at Mad Catz kindly extended us an invite to go head down to Super vs Battle 2010 and interview Daigo Umehara, Super Street Fighter IV World Champion and key member of ‘Team Mad Catz’. As a fighting game fan myself, I could hardly pass up this opporunity, and so headed down to see what was going on at what is now the UK’s largest fighting game tournament.

Before taking a look at the Mad Catz FightStick Tournament Edition S, I was lucky enough to also try out the middle-ground between a normal controller and a stick: The Mad Catz FightPad. In their quest for dominance of the fighting game controller market, Mad Catz have taken most of the features from the FightPad from the controller that has historically arguably had the best fighting game performance – the […]

It’s a bit of an expensive investment, but the Mad Catz Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition S FightStick does have a number of key benefits. It is super pretty and an awesome show-off showcase piece, it’ll improve your fighting game skills tenfold and it’s a pretty versatile piece of kit that can add some excitement and fun to other games that have lost their spark with the regular controller. With the massive number of 2D fighting games cropping up thanks to the new lease of life Street Fighter IV has given the genre, now may be the best time to invest in this highly specialised, but highly awesome piece of kit. Highly recommended.

Capcom has just announced the final character in the Super Street Fighter IV line-up, a new character by the name of Hakan. Lets just say he’s… different, and leave it at that. The video is under the cut, if you’re willing to take the dive.

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This one is sure to please the Street Fighter fans. Famitsu has just announced Adon, along with Final Fight’s Cody and Guy (looking like they did in Street Fighter Alpha 3) as playable characters in Super Street Fighter IV. The scans from Famitsu show the characters in their Street Fighter IV interpretation. and they’re extremely faithful to their original designed, but updated for the HD generation. Check them out below.

Capcom has just officially announced Super Street Fighter IV, a new and upgraded version of the existing games with a plethora of new characters and features.

Talking to the press today, Capcom seems enthusiastic (and rightfully so) about the launch of Street Fighter IV this Friday, and is expecting major financial success from this game. “If buzz and anticipation equates to sales then we have very high expectations commercially,” said a rep. ““We’re tremendously excited to be launching Street Fighter IV this Friday.” “It’s the return of the most loved, most played, most bought and most […]

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According to recent reports by hardcore Street Fighter players have noticed a problem with the standard version of the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV stick. Members of the Shoryuken message board have pointed out that the joystick gets stuck in the former diagonal position instead of snapping back to the neutral centre point. “There is a small metal washer between the body of the joystick and spring cap. The washer […]

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