After years of conflict, robots are bringing the TF2 mercs together. A new comic series explains that Blutarch and Redmond Mann’s brother Grey has come from the shadows to take over Mann Co, and Saxton Hale has hired the TF2 mercs to save the day from Grey’s robotic henchmen. The game mode seems to be a six player hoard mode. So far,  a list of robot types has been released, […]

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In a letter to Kotaku, Valve announced their plans to expand beyond just games and offer non-game software through their Steam service. Starting September 5th, Steam will roll out additional software unrelated to gaming. This is in response to their 40 million users asking for more features. With cloud-syncing and easy updates this seems like a great idea. Check out the full story here.

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Excellent first-person shooter and tower-defense Sanctum from Coffee Stain Studios is finally coming to Mac! Steam users playing on PC have been enjoying the game since mid-2011, but on August 13th, Mac users of most shapes and sizes will be able to enjoy this hybrid style game of guns and wits. So, yeah! August 13th! Mac users, prepare yourselves! For those without the game, feel free to apply for beta […]

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Finally, it’s here. The much anticipated Steam Summer Sale begins today and goes through the 22nd of July, with a new set of deals every day. This year they’ve added a new feature, the Community Deal. This is a new deal every eight hours that you get to vote on. There’s also shorter Flash Deals that only last a few hours. So break open your wallets and prepare to buy everything […]

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I love bundles, you probably love bundles, everyone loves bundles. Simple, easy, cheap, and chock full of great games. This months Indie Royale is no exception. Featuring PixelJunk Eden, Escape Goat, Noitu Love 2: Devolution, Auditorium, and an alpha preview of Iconoclasts. The more people who buy it at the minimum price, the higher the minimum climbs so buy early! And for every person who buys with something far over the minimum […]

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The very cool Because We May sale keeps adding new awesome things to their sale. Basically this was an opportunity for Indie Developers to price their games however they wanted. Why? Because they can. Which means we save tons of money on games we wanted anyway. Some notable games in this list include: Super Meat Boy, And Yet It Moves, Psychonauts, Cogs, Osmos, World of Goo, Braid and Cave Story. But there’s […]

Although it’s not completely unexpected, Steam will be selling pre-paid game cards at Gamestop startin May 15. The leaked image reveals that there will be a $20 and $50 dollar card available when they go on sale. Steam being a popular platform for PC gaming, it’s not unprecedented that the company decided to finally sell game cards. Much like Xbox Live and PlayStation Store, it seems like Steam wants to […]

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Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Valve? Always assumed it was awesome but had no proof? Ladies and gentlemen, the proof is right here. This may be the best handbook in the history of the entire world.

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According to a new report from The Verge, Valve, creators of Half Life, TF2, Steam, and other stuff you know Valve made already, are supposedly making a console. That would mean cloud based saves, sweet deals on a huge downloadable game marketplace, and Gabe Newell swimming in moolah.

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In what I’d like to call a disaster of Biblical proportions, The Binding of Isaac isn’t coming to the 3DS. Edmund McMillen, co-CEO of Team Meat, tweeted: “Attention: After a long internal debate Nintendo has decided NOT to allow the Binding of Isaac on the 3ds. :(“ What a sad tale. The Binding of Isaac has already been under fire, getting rated 16+ for “blasphemy” in Germany,  I personally haven’t […]

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