A few days ago, we announced some startling news about the PS Vita, which was that you would only be able to link one PSN account to the system. Turns out that this may have been some misinformation, as Sony is suggesting that you can, in fact, use multiple PSN accounts on the PS Vita. Here’s how.

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Hey, Sony, please stop killing the PlayStation Vita. News today from NeoGAF says that the Vita will only allow on PSN account per handheld. To even entertain the idea of having another PSN account, you’ll need to reset the console to factory settings. You can’t even log in with a different account like you can with the PSP. Well, it’s nice that the thing won’t be region-locked, but with the […]

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If you’re in U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, or Latin America and are eagerly awaiting the release of the PlayStation Vita, you now have a concrete date to mark on your calendars; February 22, three months after the Japanese release. According to Sony more than 100 games are currently in development for the system. The basic package will get you the standard Vita with built in Wi-fi support for $249, or […]

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Chief information security officer Philip Reitinger said Sony had detected attempts to check “a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords” against its networks but that “less than one tenth of one percent” of users had been affected. These signs point to an attempt at compromising user accounts on the PlayStation Network. The attack has since been stopped, but you can read below the cut for Reitinger’s full statement from […]

As you may have no doubt heard already, Sony recently updated their End User License Agreement, in which they silently added a new clause which states that by accepting the agreement, you forfeit your right to take legal action of any sort against Sony, ever. Many gamers found this to be a bit of a slap in the face, especially considering how the PSN was offline for several weeks after […]

The Tokyo Game Show starts on Thursday, but Sony is getting the party started early by holding their own press conference RIGHT NOW. Ryan Clements of IGN is live blogging the entire thing so head on over to his page and get all the latest on upcoming Sony products and games.

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Hello, TGV readers! I took a trip to Seattle Washington to attend PAX Prime 2011! Here is a walkthrough showcasing most of the events that happened there, in case you couldn’t be there in person!

Sony executives and a handful of developers came together for a group panel at Gamescom to discuss what the next 10 years holds for games, consoles and technology. Included was Kellee Santiago of Thatgamecompany, Mark Cerny who’s worked for Sony, and Gareth Edmondson of Ubisoft’s Reflection Studios to discuss design and gameplay as well as technical specs for the console’s future.

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Gamescom? More like Trailercom, amirite? But we’re certainly not complaining with stuff as good as this being shown. Hit the link for videos of two of Sony‘s upcoming Vita handheld’s launch titles, LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

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The PSP sure had a wild ride, and now it’s on its way out with the PlayStation Vita coming next year, right? In Europe, Sony says “no!” Revealed at Gamescom, the new PSP E-1000 will launch this Fall. The handheld has no built-in WiFi, thus enabling its mere €99 price tag. The handheld can still access the PlayStation Network through the Media Go service. Apparently, the PSP is “the perfect entry-level […]