According to a Japanese report deciphered by gaming website Siliconera, Final Fantasy V will make its debut on iOS powered smartphones next week in Japan, with an Android version of the game following later in the year. If previous Final Fantasy games have been any indication, I imagine we’ll see with a western release later in the summer. Rather than a 3D re-imagining of the game from the ground up as evidenced by […]

Well thank Cthulu this didn’t come to pass. It’s come to light that Slant Six, developer of the abysmal Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City had been working on Star Wars: Battlefront Online for Lucasarts back in the mists of 2010. The project, originally destined for PS3 and 360 platforms was given the boot by Lucasarts before it ever saw the light of day; a good thing considering how badly the developer butchered Resident Evil: […]

…But Dante still has a major case of the punk rock Twilight. During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, a new DmC: Devil may Cry trailer was revealed, which in turn has been given a “special version” that was recently released to the internet at large. For the full trailer, as well as my thoughts on them, check after the cut.

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Nintendo has recently filed several trademarks which appear to be related to the Nintendo 3DS. This comes courtesy of a report on Siliconera. The trademarks filed are CrossPass, CrossPass Mode, CrossPass Network, and CrossPass Connection, which sound like they’re related to the 3DS networking mode. This feature will allow players to exchange data when near other players.

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According to a story on Siliconera, Super Street Fighter IV will be cranking up the nostalgia. The car smashing and barrel breaking bonus stages from Street Fighter II are making a triumphant return. This is revealed in a scan from Famitsu magazine. Famitsu could also reveal details about SSFIV’s online modes. New options will include Team Battles, supporting 2 on 2 and 4 on 4, and a Replay Channel. The […]

Siliconera has taken a look at the Japanese Wii Music site, and discovered the first few confirmed tracks from the game. There are six in all, with probably more on the way: * My Grandfather’s Clock * Eine Kleine Nachtmusik * Ode to Joy * Super Mario Brothers Theme * The Legend of Zelda * Animal Crossing Wild World “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” has also been shown in videos on […]

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