Hello, TGV readers! I took a trip to Seattle Washington to attend PAX Prime 2011! Here is a walkthrough showcasing most of the events that happened there, in case you couldn’t be there in person!

A literal blue blast from the blue past and hailed as one of the greatest games in the lineage, Sonic CD will be making its debut to a current generation of gamers this holiday season on XBLA, PSN, iOS and as a PC download. Seems like this is an apology for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Teaser trailer under here, as well as a WHOLE LOAD OF NOSTALGIA AND […]

Gamescom is living up to its reputation of being Trailercom. Sega has just released a new trailer for Sonic Generations along with some shiny new screenshots. Catch the trailer after the jump!

You want speed suckah? You want fast paced games starring a little blue hedgehog? Well how about this five minute clip of gameplay from Sonic Generations? This video features both the Chemical Plant and City Escape stages, showing off both classic and modern run throughs. However, the video I’m seeing confirms what I was thinking when I first played the demo: sometimes Sonic runs almost too fast, making it difficult […]

Today, June 23rd, is the official birthday of Sonic the Hedgehog. The little blue blur is 20 years old today, and has starred in games ranging from truly great to truly awful. In celebration of Sonic’s birthday, SEGA has released a demo for the upcoming Sonic Generations, which is set to hit all major consoles late 2011.

Tomorrow, June 23rd, marks the birthday of a certain blue speedster we’ve all come to love over the last 20 years—Sonic the Hedgehog. Tomorrow is also my birthday, but I’m 5 years older than Sonic and don’t have a ton of video games featuring me, so that’s something entirely different. To celebrate Sonic’s 20th, SEGA are giving us a demo for Sonic Generations for a limited time.

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It looks like 2011 will go down in history as the year everybody got hacked. We recently reported on LulzSec‘s recent attacks on Sony‘s network. It looks like this was just the tip of the iceberg, as LulzSec recently announced on their Twitter feed that they’ve infiltrated Bethesda‘s network and acquired over 200,000 Brink users’ account details. But Bethesda isn’t alone in being hacked right now. Nintendo, Epic Games, and […]

SEGA is still trying to wring something worthwhile out of Sonic, and the marketing hype for Sonic Generations is slowly building up. A trailer was recently released showcasing even more of Sonic Generations’ gameplay, this time featuring a dash through the game’s city level. One minor gripe, though: why does Sonic need a skateboard/snowboard? Can’t he just run faster on his own? Check the full trailer after the cut.

Sonic fans are known for their extreme amounts of nitpicking when it comes to their favourite video game mascot. And while a lot of fans complained about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, SEGA is still continuing the series.

A NeoGAF user spotted a listing that is very clear to say that SEGA is publishing a new game titled Aliens Infestation. It’s a cross-platform game, its got “science fiction violence,” and is being developed by Way Forward Technologies, the minds behind Contra 4 and A Boy & His Blob. As VG 24/7 guessed, it’s likely it’s going to be a side-scrolling downloadable title, but who knows?

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