Journey is a game about emotional transformation and travel, a brand new take on games that could only come from the creative minds at ThatGameCompany, the same people that brought you Flower and Flow. In a game that boasts no dialogue and limited interaction in a multiplayer setting, the only audible component that will drive the game is its musical score. The composer, Austin Wintory who also composed the score […]

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According to Joystiq, Steve Wiebe has reclaimed his title as the #1 Donkey Kong, Jr. player in the world. Wiebe lost his title last fall to Oklahoma man Mark Kiehl, but on Valentine’s Day, he managed to score 1,190,400 points, far surpassing the score of 1,139,800 points he achieved in April of last year. The lesson here is that if you want high scores in arcade games, spend your Valentine’s […]

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UDPATE: PART 2 IS NOW UP Lets make one thing clear before we continue. This is not a criticism of Killzone 2; this is a study on the way review scores are handled. Now, on with the show! Recently an explosion of comments have come out from EDGE’s review of Killzone 2. To summarize, EDGE gave Killzone 2 a 7/10 and every fanboy came out of the woodwork to either […]

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IGN has recently reviewed Wii Music, and wasn’t too happy with it. Wii haters will probably rejoice, walking around saying “I told j00 so”, but I doubt it will effect sales one bit. From the review: I think most adults will quickly recognize that Wii Music is little more than a noise maker tied to a series of gestures and grow bored of the experience in a matter of hours, […]

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