Hello folks, Today I am taking a look at a classic rail shooter by our good friends at Sega AM2! This is the awesome Virtua Cop for the Arcade! I even sneak a little bit from the PC port in there to show you all! I hope you all enjoy seeing this again!

I openly admit to being a Nintendo fanboy, and Super Mario Galaxy was one of my favourite titles of 2007, so I had some pretty big expectations for Super Mario Galaxy 2. The problem was only that it felt too sequely when it was first announced. While it did have Yoshi as well as some new power-ups, the title alone just felt less innovative than I’d expected from a mario […]

Before taking a look at the Mad Catz FightStick Tournament Edition S, I was lucky enough to also try out the middle-ground between a normal controller and a stick: The Mad Catz FightPad. In their quest for dominance of the fighting game controller market, Mad Catz have taken most of the features from the FightPad from the controller that has historically arguably had the best fighting game performance – the […]

It’s a bit of an expensive investment, but the Mad Catz Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition S FightStick does have a number of key benefits. It is super pretty and an awesome show-off showcase piece, it’ll improve your fighting game skills tenfold and it’s a pretty versatile piece of kit that can add some excitement and fun to other games that have lost their spark with the regular controller. With the massive number of 2D fighting games cropping up thanks to the new lease of life Street Fighter IV has given the genre, now may be the best time to invest in this highly specialised, but highly awesome piece of kit. Highly recommended.

Back in the 90’s I wasn’t much of an After Burner guy – I was always more into Hang On and Space Harrier – but part of that was because I never owned a home conversion of the After Burner games – they were always something I played, loved, but could never get good at. Following on from the success of OutRun Online Arcade, After Burner Climax takes the classic […]

Among the ports, remakes and the one Legend of Zelda title present at the Wii’s launch was Red Steel, a first person shooter/sword fighter intended to prove the Wii could be a platform for both hardcore and casual gamers. Unfortunately it suffered from some rather clunky controls due to the Wii not being able to do what it was supposed to. Now, 4 years and one controller add-on later, Red […]

Sam and Max have landed on the PS3. Can these partners match up with the current PlayStation Network offerings? Has this dynamic duo hit its stride, or began to lose its touch. Hit the break for our verdict.

Released in 1990 and taking place in 2777, Xexyz is one of those strange titles that you don’t hear about nearly enough. And it’s kind of understandable. This quirky game combined elements of classic platformer titles with old school shooter elements. It takes place in the future where you rescue fairies from robots. You also ride on a mechanical lobster. I’m on a lobster, motherf***er, don’tcha ever forget! Yeah, it’s […]

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The Ace Attorney series proved to western shores in 2005 that a game in which you play as a lawyer could be not only fun, but downright awesome at times. Sure it had a tendency to be silly and extremely over the top, but snappy writing and simple and intuitive gameplay made the original game a joy to play. Sequels followed almost yearly, culminating in this year’s instalment: Ace Attorney […]

The original BioShock was considered a masterpiece by gamers and critics alike in 2007, and whenever something’s successful a sequel usually gets announced. Now the time has come to return to Rapture, but is this a welcome one? BioShock 2 puts you in the diving suit of one of the prototype Big Daddies, the first one to be successfully bonded to a Little Sister. On New Year’s Eve, 1958, your […]