Yeah that’s right, you can now play Dune 2 without having to keep around an archaic floppy disk, or the 3 pound drive to run it! It’s now free to play on the interwebs! Woo! Dune 2 is a Westwood Studios developed game, that was released by Virgin Interactive in 1992. It is known for being the archetypal RTS. According to Joystiq, an open-source version of the game has now […]

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Yep, the day’s come, folks.

This announcement didn’t take forever or anything. Nintendo has finally revealed which ten GBA games will be arriving as free downloads for 3DS Ambassadors. And when. December 16th, 2011 is the day (that’s this Friday!) where you’ll be able to rock it old school with these ten classic titles.

Remember when the Game Genie ruled the world of entering codes and made you feel like a total hacker when it game to playing games? Those games are long gone, with DLC taking the place of “extra” fun for your games rather than totally messing with a game’s inherent coding for replay value. Hyperkin do, and they want you to relive that glory by offering a new version of the […]

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The original Kid Icarus from days of yore is on its way to your Nintendo 3DS! European users, you are even getting it for free! Australia’s Classification Board has posted a rating for Kid Icarus as a “3D Classic.” How do you grab this deal in the near future? Just register two qualifying 3DS titles with Club Nintendo.

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Are you salivating at the banner yet? Not quite sure what that is? Hyperkin are proud to announce the SUPABOY Portable Pocket SNES Console, a portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System that runs all your SNES AND Super Famicom cartridges.

The name of the game lately has been to re-release much-loved titles as downloadables for both Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network—to make money off nostalgia, you know. And, as you all know, nostalgia can be a very, very blinding factor. No matter how much fun you had playing in the arcades, shoving quarters into machines for the sake of continuing your journey, you are blinded by nostalgia. Konami knows […]

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…And everything is right with the world. Good Old Games is currently pumping out a slew of classic EA games, especially those created by Richard Garriot‘s Origin Systems. We’ve already seen the release of such games as the Ultima series, and one of my personal favourites NOX, created by the now defunct Westwood Studios. It seems GOG have no intention of stopping, and announced today the release of Wing Commander […]

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Back in February I posted this little article, asking any developer out there to make a new Nox game. I still have doubts it will happen, but a guy can still dream. Thankfully, the game was recently released on Good Old Games, which is currently releasing a slew of classic EA titles like Wing Commander (1+2), the Ultima series, Populous, Dungeon Keeper 2, and of course, one of my favourites: […]

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A very determined someone posted this over on Nico Nico Douga, but it’s sure to bring a smile to your face as you enjoy the goofiness as well as the intricacies therein. Hopefully, you will recognize all the tunes here, even the ones that aren’t from Ocarina of Time, and if not, lrn2culture.