Resistance and Resistance 2 didn’t do a whole lot to inspire the first-person shooter category on the PlayStation 3, but Resistance 3 surely caught people’s attention as a strong black woman who don’t need no man shooter on the console. Sadly, it seems that Insomniac Games doesn’t want to do a follow-up. Instead, they will be focusing on their social gaming branch, Insomniac Click, which will attempt to bring social […]

During their E3 press conference on Monday, SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton announced that a 24″ Sony brand 3D TV would be made widely available as a starting point to would-be 3D consumers. One of the cool things about this upcoming TV will be that two viewers will be able to see two different images on the same screen in all their 3D glory—a great boon for games that […]

Battle: Los Angeles is a terrible, boring and uninspired movie (and game) in which faceless marines shoot faceless aliens in the midst of Los Angeles. And here’s why you should consider buying it. Sony Computer Entertainment announced via G4 that the Blu-ray version of Battle Los Angeles will contain a demo for Resistance 3. This isn’t surprising, considering a Resistance 3 billboard is destroyed during the course of the film. […]

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I gotta say, I may not be a huge PS3 shooter fan, but I can definitely admire the time and quality that’s going in to Insomniac’s Resistance 3. The game is looking excellent. All these are “unconfirmed” or whatever, but c’mon. Also, funnily enough, I grabbed them from the same Flickr account I nabbed the Batman: Arkham City screens from. Check out the images after the cut!

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