Good lord, this made me laugh way too hard. So. Keyboard Cat. And Portal 2‘s Space Core. Here, together as one. Enjoy!

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Forget “good for a web video”, forget “good for a fan film”, this is a real short film, shot properly, with effects and all, and it’s seriously fantastic. I am not exaggerating when I say I got chills watching it. What are you still waiting for? Click already!

So, you know that awesome narrator for Supergiant Games‘ Bastion? Well, he’s got a bone to pick with Portal‘s Cave Johnson. This quick video, filled with propaganda from Valve‘s clever puzzler, has the Narrator explaining his beef with Cave (with a “C”) and implies how The Calamity may have been the fault of Aperture Science.

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Valve, creators of Portal 2, are announcing a contest, encouraging their fans to create a Portal 2 music video to the song “Exile Vilify“, by The National, who composed a special track for Portal 2. The rules are pretty simple. Using any visuals you like, compose a video to The National’s song, and upload it to YouTube, using the tag “PORTAL2NATIONALEXILE“. The community will vote on their favorite video, and […]

Oh, Valve. If you were a woman, I would make sweet, sweet love to you. Alas, you are a company and that is more effort than I’m willing to put forth. You’ve offered us a free Portal 2 soundtrack and even thrown in a handful of ringtones for our phones to jingle those lovely tunes whenever it’s trying to alert us to something important. Download Songs to Test By: Volume […]

Flickr user ammnra has created oh-so-adorable Portal 2 trinkets that will make you shout “SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!” all day long. You can check out all his stuff above in his Flickr photo stream, but here’re a few samples below of his astonishing work.

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Valve put out mod tools for their newly released FPS/Puzzle masterpiece Portal 2 recently, bringing in new gameplay possibilities in the form of custom test chambers and even crazier mental processing involving Portals. But a few eagle-eyed modders have picked up something that isn’t a Portal or a Potato. It’s a Combine Advisor.

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Portal 2 was released during the Easter break, and people went gaga for Valve‘s latest first person puzzler. Yet Valve isn’t content with resting on their laurels for now, and have already put the word out on upcoming DLC.

Well, it seems the second countdown has ended! What has Valve brought us this time?

Hey, look! Another one! The Aperture Science Surprise Deployment Initiation System is counting down, but this time the little clock is accompanied by lovable co-op robots Atlas and P-Body from Portal 2! Check it out right here. Just a bit under an hour and a half (at the time of this post, the screencap came before the writing!) until something happens.