Lots of hot scoops dripping out of New York Comic Con this weekend, with the most recent announcement being something that should have old-school arcade fans jumping with joy.

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I’ve seen some interesting things done with YouTube’s annotations feature. Mostly providing your own subtitles, notating certain points of a video, or taking you to a related web page. I’ve also seen some YouTube channels where the page “breaks”, or is otherwise interactive. However, these are always done by major companies, not your average guy with a camera. The crew of Hey, Ash Whatcha Playin? (HAWP) has found an awesome […]

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I’ve been waiting for this announcement for a long time, and Rare have finally confirmed that the XBLA version of Banjo Tooie will be released on April 29. “4J Studios’ stellar port will be yours to own from Wednesday 29th April – exactly two weeks from now,” said the UK dev on the Banjo Blog. “Set a reminder in your reminding appliance of choice, as it’s full to the brim […]

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