According to tech website Engadget, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has confessed that the Playstation 4 will not allow you to transfer your existing PSN purchases over to the new console. That’s going to sting a fair few folks I reckon. In regards to the larger issue of backwards compatibility, Sony intend to circumvent the issue by facilitating backwards compatibility in the Playstation Cloud; though specifics and a business model […]

In dispelling the biggest (and quite possibly nastiest) of rumours surrounding their fourth generation Playstation, Sony confirmed to Eurogamer that their latest and greatest home console will in fact play second-hand used games. Right up until last night’s reveal of the machine, it had been postulated by many rumour outlets that Sony intended to lock use of games to a single console through a patented technology that they sought to […]

Late last year we reviewed Dennaton Games‘ Hotline Miami and thought it was the absolute bomb; bestowing an almighty 9/10 on the gloriously triumphant violent shooter. Folks were jealous.  Specifically, folks who didn’t own a gaming PC were jealous. Well fear not, for Dennaton Games has announced that a version of the game is due for PS3 and PS Vita platforms sometime this spring and better yet; its Cross-Buy compliant which […]

After their trio of home console, nostalgia-panging overview videos, Sony appears to be capping things off by releasing a video detailing their flirtations with the handheld gaming space. The remembrance of their handheld offerings is certainly an interesting thing to do at this stage (especially with their newest bite at the apple, the Vita, being just over a year old), as it, along with the chronicling of  their home console history, points towards a more […]

In the run up to their 2013 Playstation Event this Wednesday, Sony have  been periodically releasing overview videos, each succinctly chronicling the PSone, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 home consoles. With the nostalgia pangs coming hard and heavy with the original Playstation overview video, what are your favorite memories of the brand as we build up to the announcement of a fourth generation Playstation? We’ve got all three videos for you after the […]

The Wall Street Journal reckons that the Playstation 4, or whatever it ends up being called, will be able to stream previous generation games. Tech website The Verge has also corroborated this report; lending some weight to the previously mooted idea that Sony‘s $380m purchase of Dave Perry led streaming specialist Gaikai, would be a large part of the new Playstation’s make-up. We’ve got more on this after the break.

Sony is up to something. Nobody’s really sure what, but it’s something big and possibly related to the new generation of gaming, most highly speculatively the PlayStation 4. There’s a teaser site live that gives you the chance to subscribe to the gaming-related newsletter and encourages visitors to get in on the discussion via Twitter using the hashtag “#playstation2013″. And there’s a cool little video accompanying the whole thing, but […]

Divekick was originally a Kickstarter project from Shoryuken Editor In Chief Adam Heart, before partnering with Iron Galaxy Studios to bring the game to a wider audience. Referred to as a parody of the fighting genre with two button combat, many have been eagerly awaiting this fighter since its debut at Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 last May. Divekick will feature GGPO-powered online play, a full singleplayer campaign, and “many […]

Users may now purchase funds for their PlayStation Network wallets via Paypal by logging into the Sony Entertainment Network site. Currently the only way to fund your wallet with Paypal is through the web, the option is not yet available on Playstation 3 or Vita systems. Judging by the timing of Paypal’s inclusion it may be safe to assume this was what the routine maintenance that ran nearly three days was […]

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UPDATE According to a Lucasarts spokeswoman the German Playstation Facebook entry regarding Star Wars 1313 is “inaccurate” and went on to say “We have not confirmed any platforms yet for 1313 and do not have any announcements to make at this time.” Spoilsport. Star Wars 1313 was originally thought to be one of the fruits of Eden (Ubisoft‘s insanely beautiful Watch Dog being another) that would tempt us to bankrupt […]