Oh dear oh dear. Sony first admitted that they pulled the plug themselves, and now they bit the bullet, letting us know that the the outage is due to an "external intrusion", meaning, someone hacked them. The reason they have taken it down is because they want to investigate the attacks as well as improve their security protection, without risking the information of the users themselves. Continue reading for more quotes from Sony, as well as some speculation about the attack itself.

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Everyone loves Chrono Trigger. Everyone. We wish Square Enix would make MORE Chrono Trigger. That's probably not going to happen. What WILL happen though, is another opportunity to play through the original masterpiece. Squenix has confirmed that Chrono Trigger will be released on PSN in Japan this spring, and we can only hope and assume that a Western release is soon to follow.

Well, it seems the second countdown has ended! What has Valve brought us this time?

Hey, look! Another one! The Aperture Science Surprise Deployment Initiation System is counting down, but this time the little clock is accompanied by lovable co-op robots Atlas and P-Body from Portal 2! Check it out right here. Just a bit under an hour and a half (at the time of this post, the screencap came before the writing!) until something happens.

Sony‘s official US blog has revealed that the PlayStation Network has gone down, and may continue to be offline for another day or two. The same is also true for the EU servers. The service outage is expected to be have been caused by problems with servers in Japan.

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So, were you impressed by the recent gameplay trailer for Sonic Generations? I certainly was, and another gameplay video has cropped up since then, giving us a much clear idea of what to expect in the full game. It’s pretty impressive.

EA has announced that Alice: Madness Returns, the sequel to American McGee’s Alice, will come with a one-time use online code to redeem for a copy of the original on your console of choice! There’s a catch—at least to start. Alice will not be available through the the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or PlayStation Network, but you’ll need an actual disc of the sequel to be able to redeem the code […]

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Damn. It. All. I knew that the Team ICO HD Collection featuring HD facelifts for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus was getting delayed, but hearing about The Last Guardian getting the same treatment, my heart broke in two. :’(

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Sonic Generations is SEGA‘s latest attempt to bring back Sonic fans that have long-since abandoned the fastest thing alive because of his redesign. It’s also an attempt to bring together these old fans and the new fans who have embraced the new Sonic design and played his games regardless. And me? Oh, you better believe it’s working on me.

Today, run out and grab yourselves a copy of Portal 2 and the latest Mortal Kombat. Why? Because it’s PORTAL KOMBAT TUESDAY. THAT’S WHY. What’s that? You don’t have enough money? You don’t need both of your kidneys.