CD Projekt Red, the Polish developers behind The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, have come to the forefront to say that they believe their recently released game has been pirated upwards of 4.5 million times.

And Bobby Kotick could be heard laughing and saying, “It’s all part of the plan.” A single disc of the two-disc version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been stolen from a shipping warehouse in California. The 13 GB file has already made its rounds on the internet, and while only being available for a short time, has likely been downloaded hundreds upon thousands of times. Chances are […]

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Various sources are claiming that the Nintendo 3DS is capable of keeping an internal log file that will note every time you use a flash cart on your system. This is done in a strange effort to not prevent piracy, but rather discourage piracy make pirates unable to sell their used games to retailers.

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Sony has just released an official statement US PlayStation blog, regarding tteir stance on the hacking issues that have recently plagued the PS3. You can read the full thing after the cut. And remember kids, crime doesn’t pay!

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Looks like the pirates win again.

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I recently had the awesome opportunity to chat with Robert Stjärnström, frontman to my favorite band: Machinae Supremacy. Many gamers may know Machinae Supremacy for their video game and anime-influenced heavy metal songs. Their use of epic metal riffs combined with old school video game sound effects replicating the SID chip of a Commodore 64 make them one of the most unique metal bands you’ll ever hear. Robert “Gazz” Stjärnström […]

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Well, that certainly didn’t take long. In an expected move by Sony, a mandatory PS3 firmware update completely kills PS3 Jailbreak and any of its imitators (via Exophase).

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Well, ain’t this a co-inky-dink. The developer for the latest scheme in stealing, the guy who made the PS3Jailbreak software, is urging potential buyers to get their thieving software straight from the source and not from “imitators or Chinese knockoffs.”

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with VG247, Splinter Cell: Conviction creative director Max Béland attempted to justify the company’s “always on DRM” system, which requires PC gamers to always be connected to the internet at all times to play their game. “We consider that protecting our PC games is vital to our business,” said Béland, “and will allow us to continue investing in the development of creative and innovative games […]

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Here’s a type of DRM I can get behind. The japanese dating-sim Cross Days was recently released, and was of course quickly put up on various piracy sites. However, some versions of the pirated game comes with a little extra surprise. The installer comes with a trojan that will fish out personal info from your computer, and via a survey, then it takes a screenshot of your desktop, and uploads […]

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