Veeeeeeeeeery interesting. Very, very interesting. Sibling development duo Javier Cabrera and Carlos Cabrera have crafted a page out of gaming history with a modern twist. In the days of yore, text adventures were about the only way to get your jollies on a computer, very often ending in you being consumed by a fearsome grue coming from the blackness. CYPHER takes a serious look into the past to build a […]

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While the boss man was perusing the video games page intertubes this morning, he tipped me off to this post over on GamesRadar about Dead Space 3. Seems that overnight, Dead Space developers Visceral Games decided to release a 17 minute long video showing a nice long walkthrough of the Eudora. Featured in the video are fires, explosions, zero G floating, cursing, and a crap ton of good old fashioned […]

Really? I see one of my co-writers Tweet about this and he doesn’t post a story? Lazy son of a…. The news came out today from Bioware that the full Mass Effect Trilogy will be getting re-released in a nice Collector’s package this coming November on the Xbox 360 and the PC. November 6th to be exact, but that’s in the title so it’s getting redundant here. The collection will […]

THQ and Volition’s 2011 release Saint’s Row: The Third, one of my favorite games of last year, is getting a fully loaded re-release on November 6th with the subtitle “The Full Package“. Haha. Package. A dick joke. Awesome. Anyways, this new re-release will feature the full game as well as every single bit of DLC the game saw including Gangstas in Space, Genkibowl VII, and Trouble with Clones as well as more […]

You like hack’n'slashes, don’t ya? Of course you do. That means you’re totally ready for WizarBox‘s Realms of Ancient War, coming soon to a 360, PS3 or PC near you. How soon? How about September 19th soon? Yeah, I guess that’s pretty soon. In addition, the final class for the title has been revealed. Previously, we had a standard Barbarian and Wizard, but now the also standard Rogue comes in […]

I’m a big fan of Criterion’s Burnout series and also enjoyed their 2010 reboot of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, so Need for Speed Most Wanted was already on my “most anticipated” list. But the new gameplay video takes my excitement to another level.

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Robot Entertainment announced today that the first booster pack for Orcs Must Die! 2 will be arriving in just two days, on the 29th. The pack, titled “Fire & Water,” provides three new levels that can be played either solo or co-op: Traffic Jammed, Double Decker, and The West Wing. There are also three Endless Mode conversions included for the levels The Library, Double Decker, and The West Wing.

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UPDATE: Actually, as it turns out, the tweet from earlier actually just means that the site is viewable from PC and mobile devices and is not indicative of this new title’s launching platform. It could very well make its way to a major console! I guess we’ll find out in six days. ORIGINAL: Yo. YO. Y’all recognize that font? You better. On a little offshoot page from the main Square-Enix […]

Excited for Borderlands 2? Of course you are. So are Maliwan, Tediore, and Vladof, because they want to show you exactly what you’re working with come September 18th. Check out the three quick-shot trailers to decide which company you’ll be loyal to.

I don’t believe for one second the guy narrating this trailer didn’t say the game’s title enough. A new trailer for Paradox Interactive‘s A Game of Dwarves is upon us! Reinforce your underground kingdom for your small-yet-mighty bearded dudes (all dwarves have beards, it’s a fact) from fiendish creatures lurking underground, but don’t forget to feed ‘em and give ‘em nice things so that you can be a pretty rad […]

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