Ubisoft‘s press conference during this year’s E3 was all about sharing adventures and experiences with other people, and as such they announced ManiaPlanet, their new sharing service. ManiaPlanet is basically Ubisoft‘s equivalent to whatever everyone else is doing right now: EA Gun Club, Call of Duty Elite and EA Origin; a sharing service in which you can track your stats, as well as you friends stats.

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According to The Wall Street Journal (via Gamespot), EA has plans to release its own digital download platform similar to Steam. The new service by EA will be called Origin and will functionally operate like Steam – offering a central hub for PC gamers to purchase, download, and track their digital game purchases. The service will host 150 games at launch and will be the sole digital download store for […]

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Batman Arkham City is slowly building up to be bigger, better and more badass than Batman: Arkham Asylum. One more step along that route is being able to play as Catwoman. A new trailer was released by Rocksteady showcasing some of Catwoman‘s sultry, sultry moves. From what I can tell, she appears to be a quicker, more limber version of Batman, able to climb walls with ease and use her […]

Remember Respawn Entertainment? They are the new development studio founded by ex-Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella. Well, after being fired by Activision, forming a new studio, inking a deal with EA, and siphoning off the majority of Infinity Ward’s employees, they have now hired Iain McCaig to help with their super secret mystery project.

DeathSpank… Hero of the downtrodden, dispenser of justice and vanquisher of evil is back, as Hothead games just announced the third iteration in their ongoing fantasy hack’n'slash parody. “The Baconing” will be the series final installment, featuring new levels, new enemies and a new sidekick named “Bob from Marketing”… I got nothin’.

Oh, Valve. If you were a woman, I would make sweet, sweet love to you. Alas, you are a company and that is more effort than I’m willing to put forth. You’ve offered us a free Portal 2 soundtrack and even thrown in a handful of ringtones for our phones to jingle those lovely tunes whenever it’s trying to alert us to something important. Download Songs to Test By: Volume […]

Minecraft! A.k.a crack cocaine for gamers. It’s still slowly being updated and this week we’ll all be playing version 1.6, which in addition to adding The Nether to multi-player games, is also giving us the ability to create maps! Which is all something we sorely need! I dunno about you, but I could really use a map to get me out of those damned caves I keep finding before a […]

Well, it finally happened. It only took us 14 years and 26 days, but it’s finally happened. Cue the jokes about hell freezing over, pigs flying and me finally getting laid, because Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold. It’s finished, it’s done, and it’s been a long incredibly, stupid waiting period! Gearbox has made gaming history, and removed one of the four cornerstones of video game related humour. 2K’s and […]

Yes, lots of explosions…and very little else. Lots of scenery changes in this reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but very few shots in it could be considered gameplay. There’s underwater scenarios, a part where something explodes, and even a scene where a car comes flying at you. But yeah, it’s alright, I guess. Seems a lot more action-packed than previous games. They should’ve called this Call […]

A new trailer for the upcoming Zombie free roam fest Dead Island was recently released online. But following that, GameTrailers released a new gameplay video of the game in action, narrated by the game’s director Vincent Kummer. Who’s probably Austrian considering his accent. This is the first time proper play has been seen of this game. The video looks pretty good and hints at a game that might be much […]