Forcing me to find yet another article header for their game for the third time in as many weeks, Sega and Gearbox Software have today released the third entry in their Aliens: Colonial Marines video documentary series.

2K Games has just released the newest trailer for Borderlands 2. Unsurprisingly, its dripping awesome from every orifice.

In anticipation of its upcoming Gamescom appearance, Warner Bros have released a full length trailer for Lego Lord of the Rings.

It is surely a time of merriment and joy as Sega have today announced that their forthcoming Jet Set Radio HD remake will hit home consoles and PC on September 18th for $9.99/800 Microsoft Points. Vita skaters though, will get the HD wonder a month later, on October 16th.

Capcom have decided to grace us with  a new trailer for their forthcoming Ninja Theory developed Devil May Cry reboot thing, DmC.

Continuing their video documentary series which kicked off last week, developers Gearbox Software have today released the second episode in the series titled “Xenos Vs Marines”.

One of the more interesting things to come out of this year’s Quake-Con was a brand new trailer detailing the ‘lost missions’, a series of previously unreleased missions for the forthcoming Doom 3: BFG edition.

At their Summer Showcase today, EA/Bioware confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will receive a continuation to its a single-player campaign, with the  new ‘Leviathan’ downloadable content for PC, 360 and PS3.

Make that four.  Yep, that’s four campaigns that you’ll be able to gorge yourself with in Capcom’s forthcoming Resident Evil 6, as the Japanese developer/publisher has just confirmed that series cult favourite Ada Wong will be the recipient of her very own single-player story mode. In addition to the insidious, crimson adorned femme-fatale getting her own storyline and stuff, comes the news of a new multiplayer mode titled ‘Agent Hunter’, where players can invade […]

Kicking off what is to be a multi-part video documentary series for Aliens: Colonial Marines, developers Gearbox Software in association with publisher Sega have released the first entry today; concentrating on the ‘feel’ of the game in accordance to its cinematic lineage. Have a look after the jump.