Now I know what this looks like. We’ve already been burned burn Major Nelson for having this Scott Pilgrim add-on announced and never coming to light, twice. This time it’s different, I swear! Wanna know why? Look after the jump and I will explain. Not enough for you? What if I said there was a trailer now?

Hey, remember last week? It was a time of joy, a time of things long forgotten finally coming to fruition, a time where I got my hopes up for once since one of my favorite games, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, was going to get more content after all this time. It was fun while it lasted.

Remember a while back when Major Nelson posted on his blog that we were getting a new character and online functionality for the awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game for five dollars? Remember the anguish you felt when the date came and went without a word? Well prepare to relive the excitement as Major Nelson is at it again. The promised pack is said to be coming to XBLA […]

PlayStation Plus users, rejoice! Confirmation has arisen that Awesomenauts, from the creators of Swords & Soldiers Ronimo Games, will be the PlayStation Plus game of May 2012! That means that all PS Plus users will be getting the titularly awesome Awesomenauts for the low, low price of free. The title launches Tuesday, May 1st on the PS3 platform in North America, with everyone else worldwide getting it the following day. […]

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Gamers take for granted the ability to play with friends across the country in any game with multiplayer, which is why the fact that Star Fox 64 3D lacked this feature came as a surprise. According to¬†Nintendo‘s Yusuke Amano, the reason for this was both cost and time constraints.

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Chances are you’ve all seen that incredible Modern Warfare 2 Knife Throw from a couple of weeks back. While not as much of an amazing display of skill or luck as that video, Youtube user BobLeeSwagger gets revenge on an entrenched sniper in a way that is just way too funny to not post. To all of you brave soldiers who have been gunned down by hidden snipers with silencers […]

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