As is the case with Microsoft‘s subscription model, online multiplayer for 360 players requires a gamertag with an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership status. No surprise that it would be required to play Mass Effect 3 online. What is surprising is that Microsoft and EA have teamed up to bring you a limited time demo of Xbox LIVE Gold to try out the multiplayer and take advantage of some of the […]

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If your Gold subscription is about to expire, or you like to stockpile these things, head on over to Amazon and pick up a 1-year subscription for 40% off, saving you $24. Not as great of a deal, but still worth checking out: 1600 point cards are $1 off.

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What is currently known as Microsoft Points is rumored to be going extinct by the end of 2012, says a source close with knowledge of Microsoft‘s decision. This change will affect developers across Xbox LIVE, Zune’s Marketplace, and the Windows Phone marketplace. The change is said to be more in line with other application stores’ purchasing practices, like the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace. Rumor has it that content will […]

Real talk: The next iteration of the Xbox console, currently called the Xbox 720 among the crowd, will be six times as powerful as the current Xbox 360.

This morning when I tried to download the demo for GoldenEye 007: Reloaded via the Xbox website, I was greeted with an updated terms of service page and for once in my life I decided to skim the thing (after all, I’m not in a hurry to play a GoldenEye remake). I found an interesting section (Section 18.1.6 to be precise) labeled with the heading “CLASS ACTION WAIVER.” My first […]

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Microsoft has been doing its best to capitalize on the link between their Windows Phone and Xbox Live, recently releasing a companion piece for Kinectamals. Now it’s being reported by wpcentral that a Dance Central app is coming in the near future.

The Halo panel at New Your Comic Con brought with it additional details about how the Kinect will be utilized to enhance gameplay in the Halo Universe. Three specifics were discussed: Voice commands, the Library, and Analyze mode. As the name suggests voice commands will allow you to reload your weapon, switch between retro graphics and remastered, and even throw grenades using voice commands.

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Today Microsoft announced that it now owns former indie developer Twisted Pixel. This doesn’t really come to much of a surprise as Twisted Pixel has never released a game outside of a Microsoft platform, aside from The Maw, the only title to make it outside of the Xbox 360 and onto the PC.

The first sign of the apocalypse has come to pass. Microsoft has allowed Valve to release downloadable content for Portal 2 for free. That’s right, no hidden surcharge, no Microsoft Points involved. Absolutely and totally free. Download this now from the marketplace before the actual apocalypse happens and enjoy an additional multiplayer pack of challenges for Atlas and P-Body and new singleplayer modes. EDIT: We’re aware that the content is also […]

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Genre: Third-Person Shooter | Developer: Epic Games | Publisher: Microsoft Studios Platform: Xbox 360 | Players: 1-4 Co-Op/Up to 10 Online | Rating: M (Mature) / PEGI 18 Gears of War 3 has a hell of a job to do. Poised and positioned as Microsoft’s sole hardcore offering this year to shooter fans, it and Forza 4 have the unenviable job of proving to gamers that they alone are great […]