Multiple sources belonging to video games website CVG believe that Microsoft will announce some sort of exclusivity deal with mega-publisher EA at the unveiling event of their next-generation Xbox in April. None of the sources, nor CVG themselves however, are privy to details of what this exclusivity would entail. Given the sales opportunities that are available for EA on other platforms, I doubt that it will be the announcement of solely […]

After Sony fired off the first salvo in the next-generation console scrap with the announcement of the Playstation 4 earlier this week, word has reached our ears that Microsoft is intending to lift the curtain on their own next-generation console offering in an event to be held sometime in April. Lending further credence to the event going down is the fact that Microsoft partner Ustechs, whom has collaborated with the platform […]

At long last the house that Halo built and former Microsoft first-party developer Bungie, have just now officially revealed their first post-Halo IP – the massively sprawling, cross-generational, social media focused epic shooter that is Destiny. Better yet, they’ve officially unveiled it with a bunch of moving pictures (in the form a snazzy Vidoc) that we have for you after the break.  Take a look!

These have been floating around the internet for a bit, but it is still important to analyze the speculation and possibilities, especially when Sony is so ready to do something on February 20th. The next iteration of Microsoft‘s Xbox is rumored to require a constant internet connection in order to function, have a new version of the Kinect motion controller, and will finally be integrating blu-ray capabilities to replace DVD9s.

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That’s right, when you pre-order some games you were going to buy anyway, you get a free 1600 Microsoft Point card, that’s the $20 card for those of you that can’t think in arbitrary point values. Ten games are part of this offer including GTA V, Dead Space 3 and Tomb Raider. The only catch is you have to pre-order them from Microsoft, which probably doesn’t net you whatever cool […]

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Just a few hours ago, Microsoft decided to stick an in-progress demo of forthcoming shooter Crimson Dragon onto the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace. Just as quickly, the company whipped the demo off the marketplace for unspecified reasons. In case you’re wondering; Crimson Dragon (previously known as Project Draco) is a rail shooter for Xbox Live Arcade that is viewed as the spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon games as it […]

Now this is a turn up for the books eh? Microsoft yesterday released Wordament for iOS, a word puzzle game where you are given a grid of letters and you must guess as many words as you can within a two minute time limit.  So far so simple, but the real point of interest here, is that besides playing cross-platform with friends who own Windows Phone devices, you can also accrue Xbox […]

Gears of War is an awesome series, not to mention one of the great Xbox 360 exclusive franchises, and the grand finale of the main trilogy, Gears of War 3, ended things amazingly well with some truly heartbreaking moments. If you’ve yet to play the game, now is your chance. TODAY ONLY, Newegg is selling the game for $14.99. Stock may not last long, so hop on this offer while […]

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The guys over at Joystiq have alerted us to some pretty nice news regarding using USB memory sticks on your Xbox 360. Previously, when you used any form of USB storage, no matter the size, you were limited to only 16GB of usable memory for Xbox 360 storage. With the latest fall update, it’s apparently been bumped up to 32GB. A Microsoft spokesman confirmed the information with Joystiq saying, “Yes. […]

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Tequila Works zombie action platformer, Deadlight, has been given chance to shine on PC, as it is due to launch on the Steam digital distribution service on October 25th. Hit the jump for more:

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