Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be receiving more downloadable content in the near future! Jihl Nabaat, a villain in Final Fantasy XIII, is a combatant in the XIII-2′s coliseum. In addition, according to Siliconera, Square-Enix has plans to bring over characters from other Final Fantasy games as DLC. “ A source tells Siliconera the coliseum is about to get busy. Square Enix will add cameos from other Final Fantasy games like Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V to fight. […]

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Nothing much here, just this trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Titled “Battle in Valhalla,” we see Lightning and a big battle and some special effects and IT LOOKS PRETTY.

The latest in cool commercials comes from Sony, this time with the PlayStation 3‘s Long Live Play marketing campaign. The ad below features your favorite native PS3 characters, like Nathan Drake, Infamous’ Cole, Kratos and Solid Snake. Also included are Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning, Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and even a silent appearance by Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. Check it out below the cut. It’s really awesome and […]

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UPDATE: Looks like the rumor was true after all. A pre-Tokyo Game Show gathering revealed that an “Ultimate Hits” version of Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Japan, which includes the aforementioned “Easy Mode” and English language track with various subtitles. The “Easy Mode” will be able to “Break” enemies faster for those unfamiliar with the Optima Change system (Paradigm Shift in the Western release).

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Well, last week it was announced that a special edition Final Fantasy XIII bundle was on the way but now there are pictures of it (thanks be to RPGSite)! The following pictures depict the 250 GB Super Elite console.

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