In its various media expose’s so far, we’ve seen Lara in all sorts of downright nasty and perilous situations. This latest trailer, courtesy of the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards, is more less an extension of what we’ve seen already but shows Lara in even more dangerous scrapes and also showcases the combat a little more; in particular the ranged combat and some truly savage stealth kills. There’s some story bits in there as well for those […]

Not a whole lot here, but if you’re excited for Square-Enix‘s Tomb Raider reboot, as we very much are, you’ll be excited to know that the official box art for the upcoming title has been revealed to the world today.

Brenoch Adams has been a concept artist in the game industry for over six years, with his artwork featured in several galleries, publications and film festivals all over the world. His love for Tomb Raider shows strongly through his artwork, especially in this latest piece, “Shipwreck Beach.”

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What a loaded day it’s been. We’ve had a lot of great announcements from Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and EA today, and tomorrow we’ll be expecting to hear some news from Nintendo and more. Keep reading to see our complete wrap-up of all the notable events from Day 1 of E3 2011, including trailers, teasers, and more.

Crystal Dynamics did a really great job giving the great Tomb Raider games an HD facelift. Now that same HD facelift is coming to you for a discount via Amazon.

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Crystal Dynamics announced today that the Tomb Raider Trilogy Pack, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, will be released to the world on March 25th, 2011.

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Some judicious forumites over on the  NeoGAF have uploaded scans from the latest issue of Games Informer, giving us a good idea of what exactly the recently announced Tomb Raider reboot has in store for the long running franchise. You’ll find information about the reboot and scans from the magazine after the cut.

Game Informer showed off their latest cover today, and it features the beat up face of a young Ms. Croft, and the new game will simply be called "Tomb Raider".

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Fans of Lara Croft won’t have to wait long before being able to go on yet another adventure with the sultry archeologist. GDC is well under way and Joystiq met up with developer Crystal Dynamics in order to discuss the upcoming title. The game will launch this summer as a download only, being released for PC, 360 and PS3. The full price of the game will be $15. As confirmed […]

Eidos has released a developer’s diary video of the soon-to-be-released DLC for Tomb Raider: Underworld. It looks rather spiffy to boot. The DLC is called “Beneath the Ashes” and features Lara venturing underneath the ruins of her recently blown up house. “Beneath the Ashes” will be released on February 10, with even newer content to be released on March 10.

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