UPDATE: Hideo Kojima has said that Ground Zeroes is a prologue to The Phantom Pain. ORIGINAL: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are the same thing and have been revealed as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at GDC 2013. FOX Engine showcase below. Mind-blowing. Music courtesy of female-fronted Garbage.

The undoubted highlight out of all of the trailers that were shown at the 2012 Spike Video Games Awards, was this mysterious little number. Titled ‘The Phantom Pain‘, the game is made by just-popped-up Moby Dick Studios and appears to show the main character with a hook arm, struggling to move his atrophied body out of medical facility which is under attack by various suited heavies. With lots of crawling around, a […]

Uh. Awesome. Just so freakin’ awesome. Hideo Kojima, the helmsman of the Metal Gear series and many other amazing titles has metal. business. cards.

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According to a report at Kotaku, Metal Gear Solid: Rising is set for a 2012 release date. Not that it was ever slated for any kind of release date, but at least there’s some ballpark figure. Zone of the Enders 3 slated for 2015. /joke

MGS Rising is unlike anything we’ve seen before, according to the game’s producer. It’s based on a Japanese philosophy of Zan-Datsu, in Japanese, Zan means to cut, datsu means to take. The general theme of the game is to “cut”, a word that appeared numerous times during the gameplay footage. This explains all the “cut-scenes” on the Kojima Productions main page. Gameplay footage was show off and Metal Gear Solid Rising […]

As we’re all gearing up towards E3 various game companies are putting out countdowns for game announcements at the conventions. The stranger of which being the one posted earlier today by Kojima Productions. As we all know, Hideo Kojima likes to fuck with our heads every once in a while. Kojima did mention in an interview earlier this year that his upcoming title would challenge a certain type of taboo. […]

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Shinji Hashimoto, one of the Square Enix suits, and the guy in charge of their twitter account, tweeted today to tell us about a collaboration between them and Hideo Kojima.

TGV previously reported that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the highly anticipated PSP title from Hideo Kojima, got the rare 40/40 score from the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. Now it seems this score possibly can't be trusted.

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Famitsu, the biggest and most influential Japanese video game magazine, have gotten their hand on the latest installment of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Peace Walker, and awarded it with their highest score possible.

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The Castlevania series has been bringing scares and hardcore action-platforming to gamers since 1986, but most of the 3D entries have pretty much sucked. The newest entry to the franchise, Lords of Shadow, seems to be heading in the right direction though. The game itself was announced at E309 with some impressive trailers following in its wake, not to mention a cast of with some serious acting talent on their […]

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