Seemingly out of the blue, Ubisoft has debuted a gameplay trailer for Prince of Persia: The Shadow and The Flame HD on iOS. A 2D platformer with 3D models and backgrounds, it merits strong comparisons with Prince of Persia: Classic which was released on the format a year or two back, but is based entirely on the sequel to that game; Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. […]

The first commercial release from brand new Swedish studio Modesty, The Spookening is an intriguing little prospect for iOS and Android which casts you as Herman, an inhabitant of the apparently haunted Clifftown who, at the start of each day, finds himself deader than a door nail. In order to resurrect himself each night, he has to harness the puntastic “Soular Power” from the denizens of the town.  In order to do […]

According to an exclusive report by Pocket Gamer, Apple has been liaising with various developers behind the scenes at GDC 2013 in order to ensure a groundswell of support for its own dedicated, official joypad that it hopes to show during next month’s Apple event. Apparently, the company has been operating a meeting room at the show, but booked under a pseudonym company name in order to stay off the media radar. […]

If you woke up this morning and thought to yourself “Gee, i’d just love to volley some mentally disturbed avians at some sickly, green skinned pigs in a tropical climate”, than Rovio has you covered with the sweet little bit of news that the full version of  Angry Birds Rio is completely and utterly free for today. Grab it from your local App Store today!

With everyone and his dog seemingly doing an iOS festive sale, it was only a matter of time until EA got in on in the action. Well now the EA Mobile arm of the publisher has just stuck a clutch of their games on sale. The games currently going for cheap are: Fifa 13 69p/$0.99 (iPhone & iPad) Need for speed most wanted 69p/$0.99 (iPhone & iPad) Need for speed shift 2 […]

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Now here’s a worthy cause to get behind; if you buy Disney Fairies: Lost and Found for 69p from the Apple App Store for iOS, Disney will donate £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (only until 25th Dec). We’ve got more details on this after the break.  Check it out.

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With the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition just around the corner for iOS and Android devices, developer/publisher Rockstar has decided to release a trailer to commemorate the occasion and get those old nostalgic juices flowing. Neon-drenched locales, crappy suits and box-hands ahoy! Catch the trailer after the break.

Better late than never eh? Indeed, just five days before its official launch on PC, Mac and iOS on November 28th, Overhaul Games have released the first trailer for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. You can catch it after the break.

As somebody who considers himself both a gamer and a tech geek, it’s only natural that, from time to time, I play games on my mobile phone. However, as any gamer with a cell phone will tell you, most mobile games are absolute crap. The small screen, lack of decent controls, and sub-par hardware generally make mobile phones horrible gaming devices. However, there’s occasionally a rare gem that’s actually worth […]

According to recent news on MCV, Apple has decided to delay the international launch of iPad until May, meaning that Europe consumers won’t be able to won’t get their hands on it until late in the month, with pre-orders for the region starting on May 10th. The delay is, not surprisingly, due to the overwhelming demand for the product in the US, with 500K already shipped in the country.

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