Sony will be adding a new digital incentive to the PlayStation Store later today, “Ultimate Editions“, which will feature bundled packages of games together with their respective DLC packs. PlayStation Plus subscribers will save up to half price on the cost of these games plus DLC combined, whilst non-subscribers will save up to 30% of the original price. Sounds like a pretty good deal for everyone all round.

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What’s there to say about this? You can get the Greatest Hits edition of inFamous for a pretty sweet $10 through Best Buy. You even get free in-store pickup, but I’m sure even shipping it out would still qualify it as a steal. Better grab this while supplies last and before inFamous 2 comes out!

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The Playstation Blog made the announcement today that sign-ups for inFAMOUS 2‘s User Generated Content Beta began at noon Pacific time on March 14th, and will go until 2pm Pacific time March 21. The beta begins on April 12, and will be done in phases, with the first batch of vouchers going out early April, around April 4th according to the Rules. The beta is only open to U.S. residents, […]

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Game Informer recently published a fairly comprehensive release schedule for the major titles being released across all formats in the next 12 months. If you have any interest in figuring out what to spend your limited income on in 2011, you’ll probably want to check out the full list after the cut, because it looks like it’s going to be a ridiculously good year for gaming this year.

Today has been another exciting day at E3 2010. Today we saw Nintendo and Sony, rivals for over a decade, show off their newest creations. Needless to say, the announcements today were utterly mindblowing, and we even got a special surprise thrown in from Valve! Before you continue, be sure to take a look at yesterday’s overview for Day One of the expo. And now, on to E3 2010 Day […]

It's that magical time of year again, kids. E3 is but a week away, and that means announcements and rumours of hot new titles. Today we learned about two follow-ups to some of 2009s most acclaimed titles.