Before the internet we were all happy celebrating April Fools day by covering our roommate’s entire bedroom with post-it notes, gift-wrapping everything – absolutely everything – on our co-workers desks, or jokingly burning down our neighbor’s house, then just as he returns from a hard day at work, jumping out from behind the shrubbery yelling, “OH MAN, I SO GOT YOU. YOU GOT OWNED. FUCKING OWNED.” while he begins sobbing at […]

In an unexpected fit of generosity, media website IGN has decided to start giving away redeemable codes for iOS games on a rotational basis. The inaugural offering for the promotion is EA Mobile‘s pretty excellent Need for Speed: Most Wanted for iOS. Now, before you yawn yourselves inside out you should probably take note of the fact that this particular mobile entry was developed by the hugely talented Firemonkeys studio; the coding geniuses […]

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While Dead Island Riptide looks pretty fun, all we’ve seen so far is rendered cinematics. The first gameplay footage is out, nine minutes of Deep Silver walking us through the typical zombie destruction and also hub missions where you defend groups of survivors.  There’s also a turret that looks pretty fun. Try not to be too disappointed in how clunky it looks, this is all pre-alpha footage. Check it out […]

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After making a pretty decent splash on the Nintendo 3DS last year with the impressive Dead or Alive Dimensions, developer Team Ninja has confirmed that a conversion of Dead or Alive 5 will be headed to Sony’s embattled handheld early next year. Titled Dead or Alive 5 Plus, the pint-sized jiggling brawler is set to not only be a decent replica of the 360/PS3 experience, but will also contain a number of enhancements […]

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Bungie‘s first Post-Halo effort Destiny has been shrouded in mystery since it was first announced that the former Xbox first-party developer had entered into a ten year contract with Activision to perpetuate the brand new IP across multiple systems. Today though, the information draught has come to an end as the famed developer has released the first concept art of the eagerly anticipated game as a response to the leaking […]

As everyone knows the Tokyo Game Show is going on right now and IGN figured out just what’s being displayed there. And as it turns out, of the 715 games on display, 507 are for phones or tablets. That means 71% of the entire show is featuring mobile gaming. Is console gaming on the decline or is this just a sudden surge in the market for mobile games? Check out after the jump […]

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This isn’t just a reboot or a port, this version of last year’s Mortal Kombat is the whole deal. This iteration contains all the characters from the console game, including the DLC characters like Freddy Krueger, Rain, and God of War’s Kratos. Not only that but all the fatalities and clothing options from the PS3 version will be available in the Vita title. Taking advantage of the touchsceen fatalities and […]

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A tipster has let IGN in on news that today publisher THQ has laid off 75 people from their Agoura Hills California office. A representative from the company has confirmed that there have been terminations, but refused to comment on how many people were let go or the reasons for the lay offs.

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Ubisoft announced their intentions to release their fun platformer Rayman Origins on the 3DS a while ago, well today there’s a solid release date: February 20 (16th in Europe). Can’t wait that long? Head on over to IGN for a behind the scenes look at the making of to satiate that legless, armless, platforming hunger.

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If you couldn’t get down to Las Vegas for MineCon this week all is not lost. IGN is there and they’re livestreaming the panels for our benefit. Check it out over at IGN. To see what’s coming up click the jump for the schedule of events.

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