Good news, everyone! Rock Band Blitz has an official release date! August 28th for the PlayStation-ites and the day after (29th) for the Xbox 360! Price point? $14.99 or 1200 MSP depending on your platform of choice. And? Four new songs announced!

It’s probably no secret that I am a huge fan of the Rock Band series. Hell, it seems like most of the time, I’m only contributing news that is related to Rock Band or another rhythm game.  Last night, @RockBand tweeted asking if anyone was up to doing some math to figure out how much all of the hardware, DLC, and games would cost. I have no idea why, but […]

PS3 users, did you think we’d leave you out in the dark? Of course not! We want you to ROCK! Which is why we have free DLC codes for you, much like your 360 playing counterparts. These codes are unfortunately open to US-region players only, but if you have a US-based PSN ID, feel free to enter ’cause that’ll work! Click below for the contest rules, way to enter and […]

It’s another singles week in Rock Band as Harmonix announced this morning. To curb your enthusiasm, no, none of the songs has anything to do with the Muppets. It’s just that one of the songs happens to be named Gonzo, and well, any reason to have Gonzo is a good enough one for me.

What time is it? Rock Band DLC announcement time! With the variety that non-pack weeks tend to bring, is there anything for you?

Just a quick one here! Now that the E3 2012 business is dying down (no it isn’t, lol), Harmonix took the time to announce the only track headed to Rock Band 3 come Tuesday. Why only one track? Licensing issues, it seems. Incubus‘ hit single “Drive” from the double platinum album Make Yourself will be available for 160 MSP/$1.99/200 WPS and will not have a PRO Guitar/Bass upgrade.

During Microsoft‘s press conference yesterday, you may have noticed an Usher concert that was preceded by a quick announcement for the newest Harmonix title, Dance Central 3. Today we have a bit more information.

Today some songs for Harmonix‘s upcoming XBLA/SEN title were released, bringing the total up to 15 (out of 25). Is this enough to get you to buy the game yet? Let’s find out.

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During the week, Harmonix community manager Aaron Trites dropped a hint that one of the songs released this Tuesday would have a running time longer than all three Paramore songs from last week combined. What song could that be?

Get ready for some Paramore, as three songs from their Brand New Eyes album are being added to Rock Band. This week’s songs will join the other songs in the Harmonix series: Pressure, crushcrushcrush, That’s What You Get and Misery Business.