Today marks the announcement of the final Rock Band DLC release set for April 2nd on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. It’s been no surprise for over a week now that the final song is “American Pie” from Don McLean, which seems like a wonderful finale song for a game I’ve held near and dear to my heart for so long. The pricing is nothing new, so I’m not […]

After a bumpy period, it seems that Dance Central and Rock Band developer Harmonix have got themselves back on their feet again after they successfully secured funding from venture capitalist company The Foundry Group. Previously, the group has backed the likes of Zynga and other big firms and needless to say, the firm was extremely impressed with what they saw from Harmonix, with Group Managing Director Brad Feld saying that the three […]

We’re coming up to the end of things here and while I am depressed beyond belief that Rock Band will be ending DLC in a little over a week, I can finally rest well knowing that my five years of requesting Chevelle have finally paid off. Shame it wasn’t a week earlier to celebrate my birthday. I WILL make it known, however, that Harmonix calling it “Chevelle Pack 01” when […]

Wow, Harmonix just keeps dealing the blows. First Rock Band axes their weekly DLC, something that has been continuous for the past 278 weeks and now they are ending their Dance Central DLC. The reasoning given for the sudden stop of DLC for their games is that “the talented developers who make this content are needed on other projects.” While I don’t doubt that that is one of the reasons […]

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I may be in the middle of a move right now, but with only three original Rock Band DLC releases until the end of the world end of scheduled weekly DLC, I’m sure as hell not missing out on posting these so I ran on up to Walmart to jump on one of their display PCs to get filthy looks and post about Rock Band. You’re welcome. Maybe I should’ve […]

Man, the clock is ticking down and there aren’t many more of our Friday morning gatherings left, huh? So with only a month of DLC left, we’re stuck with another week of Rock Band Blitz singles. Honestly, if they had to end things, I really wish the last month wasn’t half-filled with Blitz releases… Anyways, this week sees tracks from Blink-182 and All-American Rejects, plus Red Hot Chili Peppers re-completes the Blood Sugar […]

Some of us are still reeling over the news this week that Rock Band is ending it’s weekly DLC releases. Part of me still wishes it were some horrible joke, but I know that’s not the cast. Hopefully the game at least goes out in style, right? You know, the weeks that we aren’t stuck with Rock Band Blitz re-hashes… Get all the info on this week’s releases, including a […]

This is one easily of the saddest days in my gaming life. The series I have played and loved for five years is ending it’s weekly DLC on April 2nd.  The reason I was even hired on this site was to cover Rock Band news and it quickly grew to much more, but to me, this absolutely sucks. I can’t even think of a joke to make in this situation. […]

As my area braces for the historically catastrophic blizzard targeting the north east, I sit here at my computer typing up my last will and testament and a post about the upcoming Rock Band DLC before my area gets decimated by the 4-6″ of snow my area is predicted to receive. Thankfully, to ease my mind of the nearly half foot of snow on the way to my unsuspecting and […]

After a fantastic week of an Aerosmith 6 pack, we’re back to another helping of Rock Band Blitz songs being released as singles, which brings us ever closer to the end of Blitz releases and, some say, the potential end of DLC in general. I, for one, have now started hoping that Blitz somehow has a soundtrack that will take years to release… Please? Anyways, get the full details on […]