You read that right—Harmonix are introducing a relatively new feature for Legacy DLC where you can purchase new PRO Upgrades for Guitar and Bass for older songs in the Rock Band 3 library and come March 1st, to coincide with the awesome new peripheral), you’ll be able to rock out for real with eleven classic tracks in a brand new way.

What’s that? You like Nine Inch Nails? And Rock Band? Well, aren’t you lucky. Next week, the lovelies over at Harmonix are digging deep into the catalog to bring you four tracks from Nine Inch Nails’ 2010 remaster of the 1989 album Pretty Hate Machine. All songs will have tiny plastic instrument support, as well as harmony and keyboard support where applicable. In addition, you always get PRO Keys and […]

The lovely four-time Grammy winner and American songstress Pat Benatar will be returing to the Rock Band ranks after “Heartbreaker” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” with a six-pack of rockin’ tunes, one of which features a PRO Upgrade for Guitar/Bass, and all of which feature tiny plastic instrument support, keys and harmonies where applicable. All this coming at you February 22nd!

Harmonix are bringing you a special treat early and just in time for Valentine’s Day! On February 11th (that’s after tomorrow!), you’ll be able to snag some heart-crafted duets to sing with that special person of yours in Rock Band 3! There’s a little of everything, from broken hearts to booty calls and you can check out all seven tracks after the cut!

Didn’t get your fill with Legend? Well, you’re in luck, because Harmonix are bringing you eight more tracks to fill your reggae-longing hearts. One track with a PRO Guitar/Bass Upgrade is available this week and keyboards/PRO keyboards/harmonies are available where applicable!

Legendary British punk rockers The Clash are once again finding their way into the Rock Band store with Harmonix bringing the entirety of the definitive album London Calling to Rock Band 3 players worldwide.

Not to simply leave you with a handful of David Bowie tracks for your Rock Band 3 game, Harmonix has recently announced that you’ll be getting a second handful of the incredibly eclectic and ever-so-talented Englishman.

Hey, you know that bitchin’ Squier guitar by Fender that’s coming out? You can pre-order that bad boy on now! The guitar will be exclusive to Best Buy at first, but other retailers will make it available as time goes. $279.99, free shipping, and all the sweet, sweet rocking you can do until your fingers bleed! March 1st, please hurry! Via Rock Band Twitter.

So much finger bleeding.

Legendary foursome Queen are getting the all-star Rock Band 3 treatment with not one, but two packs come December 7th.