Sony has just released the single-player demo for God of War: Ascension for all and sundry to partake in. The release of the demo follows the nice little bonus that European Playstation Plus subscribers are getting; for two weeks running from today, God of War HD will be free as part of their Instant game Collection service. Neatly coinciding with the release of the demo, Sony have also put out […]

With God of War: Ascension due out in just a couple of short weeks, Sony have decided to add the original remastered God of War, God of War HD, to the Instant Game Collection for Europe in March. There is one caveat though; the game will only be free for two weeks starting today at which point it’ll cease being so and will retail at its usual price.  However as […]

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Sony have just released a live-action trailer for God of War: Ascension as part of their newly commenced marketing push for the title. We’ve got it for you after the break and while it isn’t staggeringly breathtaking, it does nevertheless do a decent approximation of what you would expect from a live-action take on the popular franchise. Give it a look after the cut.

Of course Sony wasn’t content just having a Madden ’13 or Assassin’s Creed III PlayStation 3 bundles. And the bundles that included inFamous and Uncharted … Or the one with the God of War Saga and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. But now there’s a new one coming! It’ll feature the previously seen God of War Saga which chronicles the main three God of War titles and the two HD renditions […]

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Sony have confirmed, via the Playstation Blog, that the next entry in the Playstation 3 adventures of that angry bastard Kratos, will in fact come with an exclusive playable demo for Naughty Dog‘s next game; the post-apocalyptic misery adventure The Last of Us. God of War: Ascension is due to hit shelves in a little over six weeks, so we don’t have long to wait; a good thing really, as i’m […]

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Fancy having a taste of what single-player goodness God of War: Ascension will be offering when the game releases in March? Sony has you covered, as they’ve just announced that a single-player demo of the game will arrive sometime in February. Its not known if the content of the demo is the same as the demo which was packaged with the recently released Total Recall Blu-Ray. They’ve also released a […]

If you are one of the few who enjoyed the Total Recall remake that hit theatres earlier this year and you own a PS3, you might be keen to know that a single-player demo of next year’s God of War Ascension will be packaged in with the dubiously entertaining flick. The demo itself will come as a code which can be redeemed via the Playstation Store. The list of countries […]

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Imagine God of War, if you will, rethought as a 2D action-platformer decked out in a gorgeous ancient-pottery visual veneer. Now, envisage that the developers behind such an idea are Alien Trap; the folks behind the great retro-inspired platformer Capsized. Welcome then, to Apothean; a hyper-violent platforming combative take on the myths and legends of Ancient Greece. Oh and did I mention it all looks extremely pretty too? Catch the trailer after the break.

Every God of War game has its cast of bad dudes that our angry protagonist has to gut in the name of… well, anger and slaughter and God of War: Ascension is no different. So, let’s give a warm welcome to The Furies everyone! *claps*

God of War: Ascension was announced for the PlayStation 3 not too long ago but a new mode besides the single player mode has been revealed. The multiplayer mode will pit two teams of four to capture points on a map to gain favor of the gods. This mode will be similar to king of the hill with a set of power ups that the player can pick up on the […]

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