Obvious piece of new is obvious; according to a blog post made by EA Labels President Frank Gibeau, Battlefield 4 is now definitely set to mark the next-generation console debut for the series. The blog post, titled “Transition is our Friend”, had the EA Labels boss doing his lyrical waxing thing about Battlefield 4 and its next-generation destination: “For EA’s creative teams, this transition comes as no surprise. We’ve been investing and […]

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Hey PS3 owners, do you find yourself in need of a new DualShock controller? Perhaps a charging station. Or maybe you just hate yourself and want to get yourself a Wonderbook. Well good news for you! The PS Blog is reporting that Play Days is back and that means savings of up to 60% on various accessories and some Move games you probably don’t care about. The sale starts today (Sunday) […]

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Yes. It is true. GameStop is no longer taking reserves for the $349.99 Premium Bundle for the Wii U online, nor is it taking preorders in store anymore as it has allegedly run out of their preorder reserve in only two days! Another store follwing suit is Best Buy, yet both stores (for now) are still offering the $299.99 Basic Bundle of the Wii U. Looks like for now, your best […]

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Although it’s not completely unexpected, Steam will be selling pre-paid game cards at Gamestop startin May 15. The leaked image reveals that there will be a $20 and $50 dollar card available when they go on sale. Steam being a popular platform for PC gaming, it’s not unprecedented that the company decided to finally sell game cards. Much like Xbox Live and PlayStation Store, it seems like Steam wants to […]

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Sony’s Twisted Metal is set to drop on February 14th and what better way to celebrate non-stop car-based carnage on Valentine’s Day than with … a coupon for flowers. That’s right, pre-order the game from GameStop and get a coupon for $10 off an order from 1-800 Flowers. Show the one you love that you still care about them even when you’re spending Valentine’s Day smashing cars into oblivion. Another tie-in […]

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If you’re still iffy about getting a Vita at launch both GameStop and Amazon have added bundles that add some perks for the same price as the regular Vita. This $300 bundle gets you the Vita 3G, an 8 GB memory card, a code for a free PSN game, and a data pass for a free month of 3G connectivity. It remains to be seen if this will help the […]

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With Max Payne 3 oh so close, you’re probably wondering what’s going on with it in terms of collector’s editions and pre-order stuff. First off, Rockstar Games has an exclusive pre-order deal with GameStop to give out the Cemetery Multiplayer Map at launch, weeks before the general public has it available. You can also find details about the neat Collector’s Edition behind the cut.

UPDATE: EB Games Australia is now selling Skyrim. ORIGINAL: In a slightly unsurprising turn of events, Australian gamers may be able to get their hands on Skyrim a little earlier than expected. Skyrim now joins an increasing group of recent AAA titles to break it’s retail street date including Batman: Arkham City and Battlefield 3.

UPDATE: I received an email from Activision’s PR company clarifying the paintball mode issue. The fix reads as follows: “For online multiplayer, paintball is exclusive to Gamestop consumers, you can’t get it without an unlock code. It’s still available as an offline mod for Mi6 Ops missions though.” Sorry about the confusion, and we hope that clears things up! ORIGINAL: As the release date of Activision‘s upcoming game GoldenEye 007: […]

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With the current success of mobile gaming it’s no surprise that everyone wants a piece of the action and superstore GameStop is no exception. The store is planning on bringing a self-branded Android tablet to their shelves sometime in the near future. According to GamesIndustry.biz the tablet style has already been chosen and is currently undergoing consumer testing.

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