One of the best games of 2012 and certainly, a vision of the RTS genre performing at its zenith, XCOM Enemy Unknown has now been confirmed to arrive on iOS later this year by publisher 2K Games. Best of all, this will be no cut-down version of the celebrated strategy title but instead will be the ‘full-fat’ experience that PC and home console owners have been savouring for months. The […]

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The studio behind the commercially and critically successful XCOM and Civilisation titles, Firaxis Games, has announced their next strategic foray; the freemium iOS strategy title Haunted Hollow. As the moniker suggests, Haunted Hollow marks a significant thematic departure for the studio.  Gone are the po-faced issues of world domination and alien invasion, instead replaced by haunted houses, cartoony ghouls and ghosts and all manner of charming things that go bump in the […]

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Is this some sort of intentional irony? In Game Informer’s first issue of 2012, Take Two has lifted the cover on a new XCOM title, XCOM: Enemy Online, and much to our surprise, it’s a strategy game. Not to be mistaken with the first person shooter due out this year, this title will hark back to the traditional stylings of the franchise, and is being developed under the watchful eye […]

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When Civilization V was announced, many were surprised to find out that the lead designer was a young lad of 25 named Jon Shafer. Like Soren Johnson before him, he got hand-picked out of the Firaxis team to act as lead designer, while Sid Meier was more of an overseer.

2K Games says that developers Firaxis are working on the fifth installment of Sid Meier’s Civilization for the PC. This incarnation of the series will see hexagonal tiles for “deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay and stunning organic landscapes for players to explore as they expand their empire.” For the first time, there will be fully-animated leaders that interact with the player while speaking their native tongues. In addition, long-range bombardment […]

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