Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be receiving more downloadable content in the near future! Jihl Nabaat, a villain in Final Fantasy XIII, is a combatant in the XIII-2′s coliseum. In addition, according to Siliconera, Square-Enix has plans to bring over characters from other Final Fantasy games as DLC. “ A source tells Siliconera the coliseum is about to get busy. Square Enix will add cameos from other Final Fantasy games like Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V to fight. […]

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The demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2, the sequel to Square-Enix‘s new generation effort, is now available for download from both Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. This demo will let you explore Bresha Ruins, capture a few of the game’s monsters, try out the Live Trigger conversation system, and allow you to battle the giant Atlas who has appeared due to a space-time anomaly. The full game drops for both platforms […]

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Nothing much here, just this trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Titled “Battle in Valhalla,” we see Lightning and a big battle and some special effects and IT LOOKS PRETTY.

Yo dawg, I heard you like Assassin’s Creed, so I put some in your Final Fantasy XIII-2, so you can assassinate while you wear all those belts. In some upcoming DLC for Square-Enix‘s Final Fantasy XIII-2, one of the main characters, Noel, will be able to don the garb of an assassin from Assassin’s Creed. Pricing and release date are unknown, but they’ll be available somewhere down the line, surely.

Square-Enix announced that Europe won’t be the only territory to get a Collector’s Edition for the upcoming sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2. Limited quantities will be available at Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop, so make sure to pre-order early and arrive early to grab your limited item featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, the game’s four-disc soundtrack, and a full-color collection of concept artwork containing “a variety of never-before-seen illustrations, environments and […]

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According to Famitsu, buyers of the first-run of Square-Enix‘s upcoming sequel Final Fantasy XIII will receive a special 2012 calendar when the game releases on December 15th, 2011 in Japan. But that’s only for 360 players. And after the twelve people who own Xbox 360s in Japan have bought this limited edition item with great artwork from the game, the majority of the PS3 players will grimace in disdain at […]

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Final Fantasy XIII was a mixed bag for a lot of people, myself inluded. After hitting the six hour mark, I decided to never touch the game again, and I’ve never looked back. Yet in spite of the fan backlash, Square Enix saw fit to announce Final Fantasy XIII-2, which was confirmed today for a release in January.

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Final Fantasy XIII was released to some fairly mixed reviews: some hated it, others loved it, and even some (like me) simply shrugged and said “Meh!”. Which is why I was surprised when Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 Square-Enix recently released the complete Final Fantasy XIII-2 E3 trailer (man, that’s a lot of numbers!), which, if indicative of the final product doesn’t bode well. Check the trailer after the cut.

This morning we got news from the Square Enix press event in Japan about plenty of Final Fantasy titles, including the rumored Final Fantasy XIII-2. The game will act like X-2 before it, set in the same world, focused on the same characters, and is due out in 2011, at least in Japan.