Yeah, Holy Shit indeed. A member of the hacker group fail0verflow, George Hotz, also known as Geohot is being sued by Sony. The group posted Sony’s PS3 rootkey online, enabling people who know what to do to install ANY operating system on the Ps3. More info when you click.

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Sony has just released an official statement US PlayStation blog, regarding tteir stance on the hacking issues that have recently plagued the PS3. You can read the full thing after the cut. And remember kids, crime doesn’t pay!

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It turns out that Sony’s VP of Awesomeness may not be that technologically savvy. Either that, or a little too desperate to make a quick joke. As you should already be aware, the PS3′s security key was cracked and released publicly by hackers, thus allowing for all sorts of PS3 jailbreaking, modding, cheating, and general fun-having. The key is really just a hexadecimal string, but it took quite a while for this […]

So, in case you haven’t been following the newest Sony-Geohot drama, we’ve been following the case thoroughly for the past few weeks and have summarized the extent of the situation as it has unfolded under the cut below.

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