Yeah. Sorry. Couldn’t think of a good title for Day 5 of the Xbox 360 Games on Demand sale going on. It’s a big ol’ monstrous melange of action games that run the gauntlet from superhero to western with some action/RPG and FPS/puzzler thrown in for good measure. Prices aren’t really amazing, but maybe something will be at your sweet spot price-wise. I’m eyeing up Fable III for $10 and […]

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Remember when Peter Molyneux said Fable III would have the greatest voice cast in the history of everything ever? Remember when I said he might be right? Remember when it’s been confirmed? No? Hmm… Probably because it’s being confirmed right now! Seriously. I’m calling it right now: Fable III has a stellar voice cast, all being detailed in a video posted by Lionhead, which you can find after the cut. […]

Do you want to make your own mark on Fable III? Why not create your very own villager to put in the game once you’ve bought it? You can find the villager creator here. Lionhead also released a tutorial video, which you will find after the cut.

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Peter Molyneux confirmed today that the upcoming Fable III will not only be released on disc, but also in episodic form on Xbox Live Marketplace. This was announced at GameHorizon in Newcastle. This concept was tried with Fable II to great success, raking in over $15 million in revenues. “Soon after the retail launch we’re doing episodic,” said the Lionhead boss. “We break it down in chapters. We give away […]

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“And as soon as you see that you think: ‘Oh my God. What a talentless bastard I really am.’” What’s Molyneux talking about? Well, an interview at CVG showed the Lionhead boss that more than half of the people who played Fable II used and understood less than half the features of the game. “How can I have made a game in which people actually understood less than half of […]

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Have you soaked up all the new information about Fable 3 yet? Have you oggled at the screenshots at all? Well don’t rest easy just yet, because there’s more. Lionhead Studios has released the first Development Diary for Fable III, which skims the surface of the games new mechanics – the lack of a HUD, weapon morphing, the ability to touch characters… and yet another new feature which wasn’t mentioned […]

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New screens from X10 regarding Fable and new gameplay, no HUD, and others. Take a look.

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Microsoft media only X10 event is today (we’ll be bringing you all the latest stories from it, of course), and the always reliable Major Nelson has confirmed on his Twitter most of the titles that will be discussed or revealed at the event today. “At the venue for our X10 event. A LOT of cool stuff to talk about starting tomorrow. Hint: SCDR2F3HRLP2 and more.” “Ok..a couple of more new […]

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Peter Molyneux, whose name I rarely manage to spell correctly the first time I type it out, announced Fable III at gamescom yesterday. The Lionhead Studios chief said a dated mechanic has bogged down the original two titles, and has therefore been removed. Obviously he wouldn’t reveal what that mechanic was, so the internet is free to speculate. Fable III follows after the last bit of Fable II DLC, which […]

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