You ever wanted to be manly? So manly that you punched things so hard that they go into other dimensions? Hell yeah, you have! Well, Tecmo Koei’s rendition of popular manga Fist of the North Star will be seeing Japanese shores this month, but will also be released in Europe in the summer. Needless to say, you get to punch things. Full PR after the cut.

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News is currently circulating that European game retailer GAME is already refusing to trade in recently affected PS3 which were affected by the PSN / PS3 hardware failures which occurred earlier today. Owners who have been attempting to trade in their “fat” PS3s for the currently-unaffected slim models are apparently being refused, reliable reports have indicated to us. GAME is refusing trade for those consoles at this time. We have […]

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According to a recent report by Nikkei, Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros. Wii has managed to sell over 10 million copies worldwide. 3 million of these sales come from Japan, with more than 4.5 million units being sold in the US, and over 3 million in Europe. That’s a lot of copies for one singular game to sell. Looks like Mario still has what it takes to beat the best.

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This is the one everyone has been waiting for. Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy XIII will hit US and European shelves March 9, 2010. In a uniquely inventive twist, Square has stated that it will announce new information on the game on the 13th of every month as part of its “Lucky Number 13″ campaign. The announcement was made in an official video. I dare you to […]

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Sony's new all-digital, all-download handheld rendition of the PlayStation Portable went on sale today, one definitely can't complain about a lack of content, thanks to the addition of over a hundred PSP titles to download from the PlayStation Store!

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EuroGamer is reporting that Uncharted 2 has received a confirmed European release date; it will touch down in the region on October 16th. The game hits the US a day sooner, on October 15th. Not much longer to wait now, people!

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PQube has announced today that they’ve picked up the European publishing rights to 2D fighter BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. The title is set for release on PS3 and 360 in Q1 of 2010. The fighter has been out in Japan and the US since late June, and for a while it seemed like a European release was unlikely. But in order to make up for the delay, players will get several […]

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A very solid line-up for the European PlayStation Store update this week, with the WipEout HD Fury add-on pack and Killzone 2 DLC being the most noticeable additions amongst today’s generous helping. Full list after the cut. Games: Crystal Defenders (£7.99/€9.99) Shatter (£4.79/€5.99) Demos: Crystal Defenders (Free)

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Eidos owners Square Enix has decided to form a new European entity called Square Enix Europe, which will be headed up by the current Eidos CEO Phil Rogers, with the Eidos publishing brand being “vaporised”. Yeah, you’re not the one surprised by this decision. “Unfortunately we are expecting some jobs to be impacted directly by this in both Europe and North America,” read a statement from the company. We are […]

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Here's something that'll thoroughly annoy most of us. It seems us Europeans will have to wait a while in order to play Ghostbusters: The Video Game on our 360s and Wiis.