Hark! Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Eurogamer Expo and can be bought here. Just like last year, Virgin Media customers can get cheap tickets at just £7.50 per day and all other tickets are subject to a 20% Early Bird discount that expires on April 30th. The Eurogamer Expo has been a superb bastion of informative developer sessions, gaming communities and first plays on some of the […]

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With under two weeks to go until Hitman: Absolution hits retail, publisher Square-Enix has pulled the trigger on the rather swanky looking ‘Ultimate Assassin’ launch trailer for the game. Catch it after the jump.

Booth babes, the scantily clad ladies hired only to attract people people to a convention booth, are a common presence at a lot of conventions ranging from Comic-Con to E3. But next year Eurogamer Expo is putting a stop to it. PAX and its sister show PAX East already banned the practice and Eurogamer is following suit. Having booth babes is not only showcasing women as a consumable product, it’s […]

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Abe’s Odyssey HD is dead, long live Abe’s Odyssey: New ‘n’ Tasty! As you can tell from my somewhat enthusiastic opener, the game formerly known as Abe’s Odyssey HD has been given a new title this past weekend at the Eurogamer Expo. Click through the jump to see the first released footage for the newly monikered game.

Perhaps the biggest feather in the cap of the forthcoming Eurogamer Expo, comes the news that the show has managed secure playable Wii U hardware for eager show-goers to get their grubby mitts on. It will mark the first time that the Wii U will be playable in the UK; some two months before the new console actually releases.

Continuing to finalise their developer session slate for the Eurogamer Expo (due to begin in just over three weeks), those busy bods over at the Eurogamer Network have confirmed that Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, the creator of the hugely popular Day Z mod for stuffy PC shooter Arma II, will be attending the show to give a talk on it and the recently announced plans for a standalone version of the mod.

Adding to an already stacked show, Capcom have confirmed that the creators behind the forthcoming DmC: Devil May Cry and Remember Me will be on hand to give a talk to EG Expo attendees whilst demonstrating new gameplay from their respective games.

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With previous developer session announcements including the likes of Hideo Kojima and Abe’s Odyssey HD, you do have to wonder how else the Eurogamer Network could make the Eurogamer Expo any more interesting. Well, now they’ve done just that by announcing that none other than Lionhead and 22 Cans founder Peter Molyneux, will be returning to the show to give an extended developer session to all in attendance regarding his new projects. The […]

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In keeping up with the veritable torrent of brillant Eurogamer Expo announcements recently, Bethesda Softworks and the Eurogamer Network have confirmed that both Dishonoured and Doom 3: BFG Edition will be playable on the show floor.

Microsoft Game Studios and the Eurogamer Network have today confirmed that Halo 4 will not only have playable multiplayer code on the show floor during this year’s Eurogamer Expo, but  also that  343 Industries‘ Frank O’Connor will be opening the show with a developer talk at noon, 12PM on Thursday 27th September. The 343 Industries head-honcho will be showing a live demonstration of the highly anticipated shooter, alongside imparting his experiences with […]