If you haven’t watched any of the Clueless Gamer reviews from Conan O’Brien, whether on his tv show CONAN or scattered somewhere around the internet, you’ve been missing out. Conan, a non-gamer in every way, has gone on to play and review games like Skyrim, Halo 4, and Kinect Star Wars to usually hilarious results. His latest episode, which debuted yesterday, shows Conan reviewing the new Tomb Raider game. Whether it’s […]

One of the better fan film teasers to come along in the while, I think creator and star Moe Charif have sonewhat nailed the Human Revolution look and style (along with some pretty decent CG). Still, I don’t think he’ll be getting that Ghost XP bonus anytime soon though do you? We’ve got the teaser for you after the jump.

No, I’m really not kidding. They’re called The Saints, apparently. Yeah, real sainty, huh? Check it out for yourself.

I never danced for this.

The vampiric tales of Raziel ended in 2004, with Crystal Dynamics Legacy of Kain: Defiance, and ever since then, fans of the series has been pining for another game in the series to expand more on the ending and *SPOILERS* to see if Raziel can come back after his major sacrifice */SPOILERS* And now, we might not have to wonder for too much longer, after a survey done for Square […]

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Square-Enix has confirmed that personal data has been compromised after hackers broke into the Eidos Montreal website. The Deus Ex website was also hacked into and personal information was taken from there as well. Only personal data was taken and as many as 350 resumes were accessed. Eidosmontreal.com doesn’t hold any credit card information, so anything of that sort has not been taken due to its impossibility. Seems like hacking […]

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New Hitman game! Excite! IO Interactive, the developer of the old trilogy starring Agent 47, are working on a new one, with a new engine. These assassin games had you infiltrating a small but open environments, from opera houses to kids’ birthday parties, choosing between various approaches. It’s an interesting concept, that will be interesting to see with new tech and gameplay standards.

Sarif is the industry leader in human cybernetic augmentation, with a fierce commitment towards providing the most advanced products and developing the most advanced technologies for our clients, while remaining independent from large corporations that would compromise our ideals. We work not only to revolutionise the nature of the human body, but to create better and more capable people that have the power to make the world a better place. […]

That’s right! The ol’ Tomb Raider herself came out with a new game just this year titled Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, a fun two-player experience. And it can be yours for only 600 MSP ($7.50) instead of 1200 MSP ($15) today only!

Square Enix have just released the E3 2010 trailer for Kane & Lynch 2, titled “She’d better be worth it, Lynch!” It shows off Lynch’s possibly misleaded desire to protect his new girlfriend, Xiu. It also shows off a bunch of the actual gameplay. We’ll be on hand at E3 to test out Kane & Lynch 2 ourselves, and TGV’s very own Michael O’Connor will be interviewing some of the […]