Somebody with a lot more talent than I’ll ever have in my lifetime, has concocted this rather neat and extremely well-produced looking fan made live-action teaser for Dead Space. It doesn’t show much of the Necromorph menace, but largely the atmosphere and sense of foreboding which was pretty much intrinsic with the IP before it went off the rails is all here, present and accounted for. We’ve got the trailer for you after the jump and […]

How about that? Someone is actually doing a Kickstarter for a new Road Rash type game for PC, Mac and Linux!  Well, EA aren’t going to do anything with their asses sat on the license are they? Titled Road Redemption, the developers, DarkSeas Games want just $160,000 to make this game a reality. As of writing they’re currently sat on $4,768.  Do you understand what I am saying to you? […]

Bioware has today confirmed that both Dragon Age 3 : Inquisition and the new Mass Effect will be powered by DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine; the very same engine that lurks under the hood of the newly announced Battlefield 4.

On first pass, Battlefield 4 seems depressingly like business as usual for the next iteration in the Battlefield series; a franchise that has notably been awarded its own, gold-crusted bi-yearly spot on EA’s FPS conveyor belt.  With the exception of those explosions.  Those explosions look mighty nice and all fancy looking.

Here it is. Seventeen glorious minutes of Battlefield 4 revealed in this next generation title, set for release on the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s upcoming console. Hit the cut for “Fishing in Baku“.

Dan Geisler, the creator of Road Rash has resurfaced on Reddit to say that he’d be willing to use Kickstarter to produce a new game in the series if the demand was there after he was quizzed why a new game in the series hadn’t happened yet: “It hasn’t resurfaced because I was burned out after Road Rash 3,” Geisler said. “But I’m ready to do another one now. I just […]

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The final DLC expansion for Battlefield 3, titled Endgame, allows players to get to grips with a whole bunch of new vehicles, a quartet of new maps and two gameplay modes; Capture the Flag and Air Superiority. Probably the best thing of all that Endgame brings to the table are the dirtbikes; hugely zippy scrambler things that allow two players to dart about the map at speed and with bespoke […]

UPDATE #1 According to a statement received by Eurogamer just moments ago, the UI Lead developer at Dead Space codeshop Visceral Games, Dino Ignacio, has said that the  ”The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated,” and encouraged folks to “Please stand by.” Meanwhile, the US PR team for EA has stated that the report was  ”patently false”. More as we hear it. ORIGINAL STORY According to a report published by, […]

According to GamesRadar and confirmed by IGN, EA has shut down it’s San Francisco BioWare division. The studio, previously called EA2D, created both the Facebook Dragon Age: Legends and Mirror’s Edge 2D. About 25-30 people have been laid off and the studio closed. EA cited mobile development being too expensive as the reason for the lay offs.

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Insomniac Games have dropped four character focused trailers for their upcoming squad based co-op shooter Fuse onto the intertubes for all to see. To say that they focus on the ‘characters’ is a bit disingenuous I think given how shallow and archetypal they appear to be on first glance, but nevertheless these four videos give our greatest insight into the game that we have seen thus far.  More specifically, they show off the exclusive powers that each […]