Wait’s over, folks. The extended ending DLC for Mass Effect 3 is coming out next week on Tuesday, June 26th for you big crybabies. No additional charge, either, but I’m sure some people will still find a way to complain about the 1.9 GB download across all platforms in many regions.

The developers over at Rocksmith like to play games with their fans, releasing hints of what their next songs will be. This week, the hints were all guessed very quickly that they confirmed the tracks early for us. Check it out!

The massive expansion pack for Civilization V entitled Civilization V: Gods & Kings is now available as a digital download and in retail stores that stock PC games! Adding religion and espionage to the overall game, and reworking the combat and diplomacy, Gods & Kings adds brand new ways to play Civilization V all over again. 27 new units, 13 new buildings, nine new wonders, and nine new playable civilizations […]

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New Magicka DLC is out today! Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin is now available to all players for the low, low price of $4.99. With an all-new campaign that puts players into the shoes of the bad guy, you set out on a fresh campaign to destroy all that is good, because good is dumb. As Alucart the vampire and his gang of evil-doers, you must kill, kill, […]

What time is it? Rock Band DLC announcement time! With the variety that non-pack weeks tend to bring, is there anything for you?

Today patch 1.02 goes live on Escape Plan, the fun little black and white puzzler on the Vita. The patch gives you new costumes and gameplay improvements, but for the next 2 weeks you can also pick up a pretty hefty DLC pack for only 25 cents! After this 2 week period it goes up to normal price of $4.99 so get it now. The Asylum DLC gives 18 new levels, […]

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Just a quick one here! Now that the E3 2012 business is dying down (no it isn’t, lol), Harmonix took the time to announce the only track headed to Rock Band 3 come Tuesday. Why only one track? Licensing issues, it seems. Incubus‘ hit single “Drive” from the double platinum album Make Yourself will be available for 160 MSP/$1.99/200 WPS and will not have a PRO Guitar/Bass upgrade.

In addition to unveiling the brand new Tomb Raider trailer, which is after the cut for those who missed it, today Crystal Dynamics gave us some look at the gameplay. The game looks action packed with lots of pretty neat cinematics and for revamping the franchise with an origin story it looks really, really good. They also revealed that the very first DLC for the game will be exclusive to the […]

During the week, Harmonix community manager Aaron Trites dropped a hint that one of the songs released this Tuesday would have a running time longer than all three Paramore songs from last week combined. What song could that be?

I have some news that might improve your self esteem, you can now buy a 3-pack of songs from The Offspring in Rocksmith. Click below to check the rest of the article to see what songs you can get.