Praise the sun!  Sega has announced that its classic Genesis/Mega Drive Disney platformer, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, will receive generous lashings of HD paint when it gets re-released on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 sometime this summer. The remake of the 1990 classic, which will be a downloadable-only effort for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC, is being handled by Sega Studios Australia who will be working alongside […]

Now here’s a worthy cause to get behind; if you buy Disney Fairies: Lost and Found for 69p from the Apple App Store for iOS, Disney will donate £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (only until 25th Dec). We’ve got more details on this after the break.  Check it out.

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More news about collector’s editions this week, with annother announcement coming from the wonderful world of Disney.

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Regular controllers are fine, but what do you do when you need some controllers with a little extra oomph? What do you do when you need a controller that clearly sets itself apart from the pack? You get a Tron or Epic Mickey controller, of course!

In a recent interview with Jason Green of Black Rock Studios, we learn some new details about Disney Interactive’s upcoming title Split/Second. One of the biggest concerns with Split/Second is that the game will get boring quickly. From what we already know about the title, the premise is to race other cars and blow things up. Which, right there, is a pretty solid concept as it is. However, it does […]

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Black Rock Studio has just released a new Split/Second trailer that shows off the game’s “Power Play” mechanics, and it’s pretty damn impressive. Power Play is skill based gameplay mechanic that allows you to activate course obstacles, create short-cuts, and even alter the entire layout of the race with giant terrain changes if you play well enough. This is definately going to be one to look out for, when it […]

It seems Epic Mickey might be too epic to be limited to a single game. According to creative director Warren Spector, he’s already got a couple of Epic Mickey sequel ideas bouncing around in his head. “I don’t do anything that isn’t extensible,” Spector told 1UP. “And I will certainly feel like that I have not done my job if we can’t make other games in this world with these […]

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Epic Mickey has been in the works for a while and most of us have been following it since day one, yet it’s never been officially confirmed by Disney Interactive. So put on your best act of surprise as Epic Mickey has been officially announced today through a press release by Disney. Epic Mickey is described as an adventure-platformer wit light RPG elements. A sorcerer named Yen Sid has created […]

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