The Knife of Dunwall, the single-player DLC for last year’s critical darling Dishonored, has received a gameplay trailer today courtesy of publisher Bethesda. Sticking players in the villainous shoes of the Daud, the titular assassin, it shows off not only the new locales that you’ll be murdering around in but also how your fellow AI companion assassins take care of business as well. Take a look.

Yeah. Sorry. Couldn’t think of a good title for Day 5 of the Xbox 360 Games on Demand sale going on. It’s a big ol’ monstrous melange of action games that run the gauntlet from superhero to western with some action/RPG and FPS/puzzler thrown in for good measure. Prices aren’t really amazing, but maybe something will be at your sweet spot price-wise. I’m eyeing up Fable III for $10 and […]

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After 460,000 sales in the US and a series of No.1 placements in the UK charts for October (digital sales not included), it seems like publisher Bethesda is pretty darn happy with Dishonored‘s commercial performance, labelling it “a new franchise”. We’ve got more on this after the break.

How does Forza Horizon for $14.99 sound to you?  Or does Dance Central 3 for the same price float your boat? Those are just two examples of what seems to be a sale created by a total madman with no regard for making any sort of profit. Good news for you folks in North America though eh?  Catch the full list after the break.

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The Microsoft Store wants your business when it comes to this fall’s hot gaming releases and they are going out of their way to prove it! With the purchase of select titles like Resident Evil 6, Dance Central 3, or Borderlands 2, among others, you not only get a $10 gift card for a future Microsoft Store purchase, but you ALSO get a free 1600 Microsoft Points card. That’s pretty […]

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They just keep coming don’t they? The fourth video to come along and sex up our retinas on this day is the ‘Daring Escapes’ trailer for Bethesda’s ‘Dishonored’; showcasing three separate escape routes that the protagonist Corvo can take as he attempts to flee Boyle Mansion.

Many ears, including mine, perked up when Dishonored was revealed in Game Informer last year. Arkane and Bethesda seem to be saying the exactly right things about this game, and if the concepts of this cinematic trailer is followed up properly in the game, then I'll be damn excited for it to come out.

In a Game Informer cover reveal, publisher Bethesda Softworks is unveiling the name of the game their recent purchase Arkane Studios have been working on. It is called Dishonored, and is (if you can believe it) a new IP. It will be a first person stealth/action-adventure, from the studio that brought us Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Deus Ex fans should know the name Harvey Smith, […]