SEGA and Platinum Games present Vanquish, the ultimate in blue blooded American wish fullfilment fantasy, in which an all American main character gets to shoot up Russian robots and soldiers alike on a space station.

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Vanquish producer Atsushi Inaba has clued us in that a playable demo will be made available over the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live come September 2nd.

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Big games equal to big marketing it seems, as the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo has just hit Xbox Live Marketplace. And it’s about bloody time! The demo clocks in at about a gigabyte, so go get it right now if you’re one of the many excited about the game. No news on what level of the game the demo will show, but we can assume sneaking, killing and Jack Bauer […]

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Just Cause 2 demo is now available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. WHAT’RE YOU WAITING FOR? There’s 35 square miles to explore! Get crackin’! Demo weighs in at about 1GB of download, so you might be waiting a while. Also, no sign of a PC demo on Steam yet, but likely it’ll be up pretty soon. Full game’s out for all three platforms on March 26th!

Square-Enix confirmed that the Just Cause 2 demo will be out for Live, Steam and PSN next week, March 4th for all platforms. This information comes via Twitter from SE UK community bod Mike Oldman. The Just Cause 2 demo will hit Xbox Live, PSN and Steam on March 4th. In addition, Mike Oldman told fansite Panau Island that the demo itself will include roughly 35 square miles of play […]

Those who bought Darksiders and did not receive a voucher for a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla aren’t out of luck, because Vigil are awesome and have your back. Provided you meet some conditions, you can still receive your free game. Get your original receipt, cut off the game’s barcode, and fill out this mail-in form and mail all three off along with a check for $4.99 to cover […]

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Update: SCEE just confirmed with VG247 that the God of War III demo will be available to the public, but no actual date has been announced. A rep had this to say about the demo: “The GOW3 demo being given away with Game is only active until the 24th.  Pre-orders after this date will not receive it. There will be a demo on the PSN but the date is still […]

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With access to the Heavy Rain demo coming to us earlier than expected, this gamer took it upon himself to download it as soon as he had the chance. My personal conclusion? It works, and it works far better than many cynical gamers thus far have been willing to believe it could. The demo gives you three different segments to play through; a tutorial to guide you through the basic […]

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A demo for Battlefield: Bad Company 2′s online multiplayer mode was released worldwide today on Xbox Live Marketplace. This was announced in a press release by DICE and EA. A PC beta is also available, but only if you pre-order the game at “participating retailers”. “After the success of the PS3 beta, we’re excited to provide gamers — especially our long-supporting, rabidly passionate PC fans — with another opportunity to […]

Capcom’s just confirmed the demo of upcoming Dark Void will be released tomorrow (January 6) on Xbox Live, with the PSN version to be released on Thursday. Dark Void’s story centers around a pilot named William who’s teleported into a parallel universe where humans are battling aliens called Watchers. With the help of Nikola Tesla, William acquires a jetpack for some high-flying adventures. According to the press release, the demo […]