DC Universe Online has changed their membership requirements and gone Free to Play on both the PC and the PS3. Now you have access to the basic game with two character slots and 28 inventory slots all for free. Any DLC would need to be purchased, but spending at least $5 bumps you from Free to Premium adding an additional four character slots, doubling the backpack size and allowing you […]

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Here’s something for those of us not lucky enough to be at PAX East this weekend to be happy about. While everyone in Boston is busy nursing pre-PAX party hangovers, we’ve learned that Batman: Arkham City has gotten official release dates for multiple regions.

Rocksteady Studios has just launched a community portal-slash-forums for their upcoming monster hit Batman: Arkham City. The new site lets you look in-depth at the game with art galleries, a prequel comic, interviews with people involved in the title, allows you to like the official game page on Facebook as well as talk with other Dark Knight fans on the game’s forums and Twitter as well. And, of course, there’re […]

The plan: choose a game neither of us have played, and start recording the moment the disc hits the tray. No rehearsals. No planning. Unadulterated, unscripted commentary as we play. The grand return of the main G&G series is here! To mark the occasion we bring in our first guest Lunchbox to play some Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe for Xbox 360. With our comic book fantasies and fanfics brought […]

Today Midway announced the names of the full cast-list for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. The list is pretty much exactly what you’d expect, with all the major regulars and big names from both franchise making the cut, including Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Batman, and Superman, amongst a few little surprises. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe is due for release on PS3 and Xbox on November 10th.

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